Golf Notes 12/7/21 – 18/7/21


The Veterans had 31 players tee off for the 1st round of their championships.  The winner was B May with 68 net, runner up was L Blunt with 70 net.  The rundown went to G Parker & D Forsyth 72 net, W Hill 73 net, N Casey 74 net, followed by G Hunt 75 net and G Philp & D Beazley 76 net.  The Ladies winner was A Brown with 77 net followed by K Cook with 79 net.  The Best Gross for the day was B May with 77 off the stick.  Pin Shots went to T Russel & D Gittens for the men while A Brown received both the lady pinshots.  The Encouragement Award went to R Patrick while the Members Draw jackpotted.


Wednesday the Ladies played a single Stableford competition sponsored by Anna’s Hair.  The winner was B Dover with 36 pts, runner up K Cook with 35 pts.  Pin shots went to   A Brown.  The Accuracy Drive went to K Cook. This week will be a stableford competition for Fran Licciardo Trophy. 


This week the Sporters was sponsored by T Stanford from FIS Insurance playing a 2 ball Ambrose 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6 competition.  The winners were B Beasley & K Ward with 40¾, runners up were R Maudsley & J Strutt with 42¾ ocb.  The ball run down went G Eviston & S Fahey 42¾, B Lawrance & S Bailey 44½, G Parker & R Cuneo 45 net, A & G Lutter 46 net followed by R Scells & G Hunt 46¼ and T Stanford & C Jorgenson 46¾.      Pin shots were received by L Blunt on 13, S Bailey received 17 while K Ward received 18.  The Dugandan Dice winner was R Stinson.   This week will be sponsored by The Butcher Co playing a stroke 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15 competition.  Next week will be sponsored by G Searle playing a stableford 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6 competition.


Saturday we played The Chappy Cup, playing a 4 ball ambrose competition. The wind was a handicap in itself. The proceeds for the day was going toward the Boonah State School Chaplaincy.  Thanks to Irene who came down and cooked burgers for us all to enjoy. The winners were J Gurney, B King, D Mortimer & W Maudsley with 59¾, runners up were A Heit, A Van Ansem, G & A Parker with  61¼,   The ball run down went to J & I Browning, T Grimshaw & M Dickson with 61¼,  K Sawtell, B Lawrance, S Bailey & H Perrem with 61¾, S & P Francis, Z Eviston & S Taylor, A Lutter, J McGrath, J Handley & R Maudsley and C & K Wilson & J & G Grimsey.  Pin shots were received by W Maudley & J Wilson on 4/13, A Lutter & J Dover received 8/17 while H Perrem received 9/18.  This week will sponsored by The Bartholomew Family as we play the Keith & Sheila Bartholomew Memorial, playing a stableford competition.  Next week will be sponsored by Asahi Lifestyle Beverages playing a stableford competition.  This will be the next round of the Bi Rite Challenge as it was washed out earlier in the month.


Sunday we played the Mixed Foursomes playing 27 holes.  Congratulations to B Freiberg & K Turner who came home the winners with 125, runners up were J Browning & J Pfingst ocb with 126.  The net winners were S Bailey & S Grace with 103¾, runners up were S Lutter & A Tomlinson with 109 net.  Congratulations to everyone who played. Sunday we have a Social club using all the buggies.  Social play will be available after they have completed their round.  Ring the club to make a booking or for any further details.