Golf Notes 18/5/20 – 24/5/20

Monday/Tuesday: We played a stableford competition. The winner was C Wilson with 38 pts, runner up W Martin with 36 pts, followed by G Sorensen 33 pts.


Ladies:   Last week we played a bogey for Vicki Birds trophy and this was won by Nicki Mulligan with 3 plus. The runner up was Margaret Kuhnemann with 2 plus. The ball run down went to Anna Tomlinson with minus 1, Maureen Maynard minus 2, Ellen Meagher minus 3. Maureen won the pin on 4/13, Marg was in the hole on 817 and accuracy shot was won by Marg. The qualifying round for the business girls match play is Saturday 7th June, if you do not wish to qualify put DNQ (do not qualify) on your card. Conditions are on the board. Wednesday 10th is a stableford and 4th round of the consistency cup for Lesley Rhodes trophy. Wednesday 17th is Audrey Morris Memorial for Josie Newloves trophy. Don’t forget to get a partner for the foursomes championships on Sunday June 28th. This is a 27 hole competition. Conditions are on the board. I just hope whoever had their ball go into a trench for the irrigation system could get their ball back. However it will be well worth it in the end. Love the violet coloured pipes they use.                          Good golfing everyone from Birdie.

 9 Hole Competition:  Wednesday a stableford 9 hole competition was played, with the winner being D Forsyth with 20 pts, followed by R Cuneo. The rundown went to G Parker, K Rhodes, R Fitzgerald and W Hall.

Thursday/Friday:   The 18 hole competition winner was D Marsh with 36 pts. The 9 hole stableford competition was won by M Hassan 17 pts, runner up K Kirgis with 16 pts.

Saturday:   Saturday we played a single stableford competition, for club trophies. The A Grade winner was J Worley with 40 pts, runner up J McGrath with 38 pts. B Grade winner was H Perrem with 37 pts runner up M Weber with 36 pts ocb. C Grade winner was C Shannon with 42 pts, runner up T Britton with 40 pts. The ball run down went to R Maudsley 38 pts, B Gotke 37 pts, R Humphrey & W Hall 36 pts, followed by W Maudsley, R Cuneo, R Eacott, M Simmonds & J Handley 35 pts, G Parker, T Aclhin W Gnech & S Bailey 34 pts, D Mortimer, G Hunt, G Martin & R Anderson 33 pts and G Philp, C Wilson, A Parker, M Dickson, A Hertweck, P Francis & T Richardson 32 pts. The Ladies winner was A Tomlinson with 39 pts, runner up M Kuhnemann ocb from E Meagher & Z Eviston with 38 pts, followed by J Pfingst with 33 pts. Congratulations Wayne on having a hole in 1 on the 17th. No pin shots or pro pins due to the caronavirus. The Championships have now been tentively booked for October 24th, 25th, and the 31st with the final day being Saturday 7th November due to the school holidays.

Sunday:   Social play will be available.  Please ring the club to make a booking as we have strict regulations of play in leiu of the caronavirus.