Golf Notes 23/3/20 – 29/3/20

Please remember to Social Distance yourselves, no pin shots due to the touching of the markers and writing the name on the pieces of paper, score your own card with writing your markers down as well, and   1 person per buggy.  The buggy is allowed by carry 2 bags as long as the other person walks.   No social gatherings just play golf and go home.  Results can be found on facebook page or here on the web.

Veterans: The Veterans played a stableford competition. The winner was N Casey with 39 pts, runner up M Gray with 38 pts. The run down went to K Rhodes, D Hastie & M Hassan 36 pts, D Forsyth 35 pts, R Winrow 34 pts followed by C Shannon 33 pts and T Lynch 32 pts. The Ladies winner was E Meagher with 33 pts, runner up J Sippel 31 pts followed by L Hooke 30 pts. Pin shots were received by C Petrohilos & D Forsyth while M Kuhnemann & E Meagher received the ladies. The Encouragement Award went to R Holland, while the Membership Draw jackpotted. Next week will be a stableford competition.  

Ladies:   We played for Linda Hooke’s trophy last Wednesday and this was won by Kris Cook with 38 stableford points. The runner up was Ellen Meagher with 35 points. Other scores were Linda herself with 36 pts, Nicki Mulligan and Jan Baulch with 27, Maureen Maynard 24 and Margaret Kuhnemann 21. The pin shots were won by Nicki on 4/13 and Kris 8/17. The accuracy shot went by Maureen. We are allowed to play competition golf with strict conditions and we are allowed to play social golf. On 8th April we play a stableford for Di Vaughans trophy, the 15th we have a 4BBB draw for partners for a club trophy. Good golfing everyone from Birdie.

Saturday:   Due to the rules put into the Golf because of the Caronavirus Saturday was a stableford competition. No pinshots or accurate drive was on due to the handling of the things used to mark them. The winner was S Lutter with 39 pts, runner up J Gurney 38 pts, followed by W Martin ocb from P Gerhardt with 37 pts. The run down went to G Grimsey & M Weber 36 pts, B Lawrance, D Ryan & J Erichsen 35 pts followed by B Davey, R Humphrey, W Maudsley & G Parker 34 pts and A Gill, K Sawtell, R Brooks, K Milligan & C Shannon with 33 pts. The Ladies winner was D Wall with 39 pts, runner up E Meagher with 36 pts followed by J McAntee with 35 pts. The run down went to J Baulch, A Tomlinson & K Cook with 33 pts. The pro pin on 4 is sponsored by Drummond Golf and won by K Milligan with .25 m. The pro pin on 17 is sponsored by Sugarloaf Bakery and won by P Gerhardt with 63 cm. This week will be sponsored by Oppy’s Fruit & Veg playing a single stroke/monthly medal competition. This will be the next round of the Bi Rite Challenge. The timesheet has been altered to space the groups out by 10 minutes. Only 1 person per cart but can carry another bag, as 1 walks.

Sunday:   At this stage we have a small social club. Social play will be available just ring the club to make a booking or for any further details