Golf Notes 25/11/19 – 1/12/19

Veterans:  Monday the Veterans had 22 players play a stableford competition. The winner was T Richardson with 40 pts, runner up E Windolf ocb from D Forsyth with 39 pts. The ball run down continued with G Henderson 38 pts, K Kirgis 37 pts, followed by A Stick 36 pts, N Hooke & W Martin 35 pts and L Hooke & P Cooper 34 pts. Pin Shots were received by D Forsyth & N Hooke while E Meather received the ladies. R Sanburg received the Encouragement Award. Tomorrow the Vets are off to play Tamborine Mountain Golf Course.  Next week is a stableford competition.

Ladies:   Wednesday the ladies played the last day of their 2019 competition playing a Mulligans competition. Which means whenever you have a bad shot you can say Mulligan and have a repeat shot but only once on each hole. As a result the scores were pretty good. Of course the winner was Nicky Mulligan with 43 pts, Nicky said she was asked by a Professional Golfer what her name was and they would not believe her name was said Mulligan. Runner up was Margaret Kuhnemann 40 pts, followed by Di Kuhnemann with 37. Others who played were Jan Baulch, J Edwards, Ellen Meagher, Linda Hooke, Kris Cook & Barb Hamilton. The summer competition begins on December 4th. Competition fee will be $5.00 for the 9 holes and the weekly competition will run from Wednesday morning to Tuesday afternoon. Competition fee to be paid over the bar and a PAID stamped on the card. Cards are to be returned to the Captain’s drawer in the bar area. The captain will write up the weekly scores in the summer competition book which is to be left in the locker room. There must be minimum 3 players each week to constitute a competition. At the end of January balls will be given out in accordance with the number of players each week. Ann Wilson’s re-scheduled clinic is December 8th. This will be short game and putting.

Sporters:  Wednesday the sporters played the 2nd round of their Championships again sponsored by Dover & Sons playing a 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6 competition. The winner was W Maudsley with 44 net, runner up W Gnech ocb from G Lutter with 47 net. The ball run down continued with B May & K Kirgis 48 net, followed by R Eacott, D Forsyth, R Scells & M Hassan 49 net. Pin shots were received W Maudsley on both 13 & 17 while J Browning received 18. The Dugandan Dice winner was G Eviston with 5 Aces. The best gross for the day was received by W Maudsley with 47 off the stick. The Championship results are the Best Gross was J Browning with 99 off the stick kindly sponsored by W Gnech. The A Grade Champion is W Gnech with 95 net, B Grade Champion is W Hall with 96 net while R Scells is the C Grade Champion with 94 net. This week will be sponsored by B Brown playing a stableford 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15 competition. This will be followed by the Sporters AGM & Christmas Drinks. Next week will be sponsored by R Wilkie playing a stableford 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6 competition.

Friendly Fridays:  The Friendly Fridays had 15 players tee off playing a stableford back 9 competition. The winner was W Bird ocb from runner up J McAntee with 22 pts, followed by B Lawrance with 21 pts ocb. The run down went to G Hunt 21 pts, R Stinson 20 pts followed by K Kirgis & J Handley 19 pts & B May & K Sawtell 18 pts. B Lawrance received the pin shot while M Crowther was awarded the NAGA.

Saturday:  Saturday was sponsored by G & Z Eviston, W Gnech, J Browning & M Dickson playing a stableford competition. The A Grade winner was T Lynch with 41 pts, runner up G Parker with 40 pts. The B Grade winner was W Hill ocb from runner up W Brantjes with 42 pts. C Grade winner was W Hall with 48 pts, runner up G Lutter 39 pts ocb. The Ladies winner was M Kuhnemann with 41 pts, runner up S Grace with 37 pts. The ball run down went to D Mortimer, N Toohey & M Hassan with 40 pts, J McGrath, P Leath, & K Milligan 39 pts, followed by P King, W Gnech, J Handley, G & R Philp, K Sawtell & R Brooks 38 pts B May, C Wilson & G Eviston 37 pts and W Maudsley, C Perrem & M O’Reilly 36 pts. Pin shots were received by P King & D Wall on 4/13, G Philp & J McAntee received 8/17 while M Coulson received 9/18. The pro pin on 4 is sponsored by Drummond Golf and was won by P Dadds with 1.2 m. The pro pin on 17 is sponsored by Sugarloaf Bakery and was won by G Philp with 1.5 m. The Accurate Drive was received by D Kuhnemann. This week will be sponsored by J Handley, P King, J McGrath & R Eacott playing a single stroke/monthly medal play off competition. Next week is sponsored by Peak Pool Performance playing a stableford/monthly mug play off competition. These are both 12.30 shot gun starts.

Sunday:  Sunday we have Division 1 playing off against Division 2 Pennants. Social play will be available all day just ring the club to make a booking or for any further details.