Golf Notes 7/02/11-12/02/11

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Monday Boonah Veterans

Last Monday veterans played a single Stableford event and the winner for the day was Glen Sippel having count back of 39 points, the runner up also having 39 points and the rundown consisting of V Riley and V Wilson each having 38 points, D Yeates had 37 points, R Parnell had 36 points and P Cooper and C Greet had 35 points each. The NTP on 4/13 was received by G Sippel, the mens NTP on 8/17 was received by R Parnell and the ladies NTP on 8/17 was received by A Brown. The encouragement award went to E Newlove.

Wednesday Sporters

Last Wednesday Dick Forsyth held a single Stableford 1-9 plus 16-18 event for his trophy day. The winner for the afternoon was Geoff Parker having 29 points and the runner up was Glen Sippel having 27 points. Following in the rundown were G Sorensen having 26 points, R Scells and G Searle each had 25 points and M Roberts had 24 points. The NTP on number 4 was received by L Roberts, NTP on 8/17 was received by G Parker and NTP on 9/18 was also received by G Parker. This week we will play a single Stableford 10-18 plus 7-9 event for Murray O’Reilly trophy day and the following week we will play a single Stableford 1-9 plus 16-18 event for Joe Dover trophy day.

Friendly Fridays

Last Friday seen 10 players for a single Stableford 1-9. The winner for the afternoon on a count back was Rose Featherstone having 23 points and the runner up being Clive Greet having 23 points also. Following in the rundown were R Brooks on 20 points and V Riley and L Brasington each finishing up on 19 points. Tee off time is for 3.00pm anyone is welcome to play, handicap or no handicap we will work something out, bring a friend along. A Fun and Friendly afternoon.


Las Saturday Dover and Sons held their Trophy Day, playing a single Stableford monthly mug event. The mens winner for the day was Stu Fahey having 43 points, first runner up was J Lynch on a count back of 42 points, second runner up was G Benstead also having 42 points, third runner up was J Handley having 41 points. The rundown consisted of S Francis, T Richardson, B Gotke, E Norris and N Toohey each having 40 points, P Eggenhuizen, J Worley, W Gnech and G Parker each had 39 points, J Buganey, T Moller, W Crouch and G Balharry each had 37 points and completing the mens rundown on 36 points each were M Christensen, T Domjahn, W Jackson, P Manitta and I Kemp. The ladies winner for the day was Kris Cook having 36 points and the runner up was Jan Baulch having 34 points. NTP’s were placed on every hole. No.1/10 nobody, 2/11 E Norris, 3/12 J Worley, ladies 4/13 K Draheim, mens 4/13 W Jackson, 5/14 J Lynch, 6/15 J Buganey, 7/16 Stu Fahey, 8/17 B Gotke, 9/18 N Toohey. This Saturday we play a single stroke event for Ray Chant’s Memorial Golf Day and the following week is Boonah Real Estate Trophy Day playing a single Stableford event. The Greenskeepers Golf Day is coming up also a golf day not to be missed. Timesheets are available for all these events.


The chookies winner for last week was Shane OÇonnell having 20 points followed by Troy Keates and Mick Zahnow each having 18 points. This Sunday chookies may tee off before 7.30am only.

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