Golf Notes 10/12/2012 -16/12/2012


Monday the Veterans played a stableford competition.  The winner with 39 pts on a count back was V. Wilson from runner up A. Featherstone. The run down went to A. Stick 37 pts, E. Newlove 36 pts, followed by T. Lynch & G. Sippel 35 pts and J. Edwards & P. Cooper 34 pts.  The ntp’s were received by P. Cooper 4/13, 8/17 V. Wilson while the ladies 8/17 was received by J. Edwards.  The Encouragement Award went to A. Henderson.  The membership draw was won by G. Henderson.

Wednesday Sporters

Wednesday the sporters was sponsored by the Boonah Motel.  This was the final round of the Championships.  The winner with 45&1/3 was J. Handley, runner up P. Ward 45&2/3    The rundown went to J. Potter 47&1/3, J. Browning 47&2/3, followed by R. Scells 48 net and L. Vandenbrink 49 net. The ntp’s were received by R. Brooks on 13, R. Cuneo received 17, while 18 was received by W. Maudsley.  The best gross was won by J. Browning with 49.  The A. Grade Champion is W. Gnech, B Grade J. Handley and C. Grade is A. Stick.  Arthur Hertwecks Xmas Ham was won by J. Browning.  Wayne Gnechs’ Trophy for the best gross was received by J. Browing with 101.  The last competition day is on Wednesday sponsored by B. Brown playing a stableford 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15.  Sporters will resume back on Wednesday the 9th January, 2013.

Friendly Fridays

We had 14 players for the Friendly Fridays, this was 9 holes of stableford competition off the red markers.  The winner was G. Henderson with 24 pts, runner up J. Edwards with 21 pts on a count back from Simon Fahey.  Next best were G. Miller & B. Hutchinson with 20 pts. The nearest the pin was received by A. Heit.   Tee off time is 3 pm come a little earlier so we tee off at 3.


Saturday was closing day sponsored by F. Johnson, P. Ward, S & L Edwards playing a 2 ball Ambrose.  Thanks to sponsors for supplying the BBQ as well.  The winners were G. Sippel and G. Parker 62&3/4, runners up were W. Maudlsey & W. Gench 63&1/4 on a count back from T. Lynch & K. Cook.  The run down went to G. & Z. Eviston 63&1/2, F. Johnson & P. Ward 63&3/4, followed by B. Hutchinson  & A. Heit, G. Balharry & N. Toohey and B. May & J. Edwards all with 64 net and N. Deickmann & W. Lutter 64&3/4.  Nearest the pins on all holes were received by T. Lynch 1/10. 2/11 and 3/12 C. Philp, Simon Fahey 4/13, the ladies A. Brown, 5/14 F. Johnson, 6/15 G. Parker, 7/16 W. Draheim, 8/17 G. Eviston, the ladies K. Cook while 9/18 was received by G. Parker. The pro pin sponsored by Sugarloaf Bakery is currently held by T. Lynch with 161 cm.  Saturday is a club trophy playing a stroke competition.


No Chookies results for this week, although we did have a couple of chookies.  We don’t have any more social clubs booked in now until next year so chookies or social players can tee off at any time.

The Wheel Barrow was won by G. Foelz.  Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy & Safe New Year.

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