Golf Notes 1/11/10-7/11/10

Image by chispita_666 via FlickrMonday Boonah Veterans

Last Monday seen veterans play a single Stableford event and the winner for the day was Dr. D Yeates on a count back of 43 points and the runner up was J Arthur having 43 points following in the rundown were T Currie, M Crowther and A Brown each having 42 points, J Potter had 40 points, V Wilson had 39 points, V Riley, K Cook and C Shannon each had 38 points, R Featherstone, J Edwards and S Mawson each had 37 points and B Hall and A Featherstone each completed the rundown with 36 points. The NTP on 4/13 was received by D Yeates, the ladies NTP on 8/17 was received by V Wilson and the mens NTP on 8/17 was received by A Brown. C Greet received the encouragement award.

Wednesday Sporters

Last week Mitre 10 Hardware held a single stableford 10-18 plus 7-9 event for their trophy day. The winner for the day was A Featherstone on a count back of 30 points, the runner up being D Forsyth also having 30 points. The rundown consisted of T Currie having 29 points, J Browning, J Shine, R Cuneo, B Brown and E Newlove each having 27 points, M Roberts had 26 points, G Ball and L Vandenbrink had 25 points each and G Sippel, L Roberts and D Webster each finished up with 24 points. The NPT on 13 was received by J Browning, 8/17 was received by R Cuneo and 9/18 was received by R Scells. This week we play for Kalbar Real Estate trophy day playing a 2 Ball Ambrose 1-9 event and the following week we will play for Fred Harris and Phil Ward’s trophy day playing a 4BBB Stableford 10-18 plus 7-9 event. See you all then!

Friendly Fridays

There were no Friday Friendly golf last week due to a storm. Tee off time is for 3.00pm, please arrive earlier to put your name in.


Last Saturday seen another fine day and great prizes up for grabs. Peter King, Joe McGrath and John Handley put on their trophy day playing a single stroke monthly medal event and the winner for the day was Ian Kemp having 65 nett and the runner up Mick McGarrity winning on a count back of 66 nett. The rundown consisted of B Brown also having 66 nett, F Johnson had a count back of 67 nett, A Browning had 66 nett also. B Beasley, P King, G Parker, R Turner and P Gerhardt each had 68 nett, T Britton, C Shannon and T Richarsdson each had 69 nett, J McGrath, S OÇonnell and J Browning each had 70 nett, P Eggenhuizen, C Philp, J Bonk, T Farmer and J Gillett each had 71 nett and completing the rundown with 72 nett were C Ferguson, M Gnech, A Featherstone, P Ledlie, B Gotke, P Ward and J Stenzel. Dot Wall won the ladies trophy on a count back of 69 nett and the runner up was Rose Featherstone also having 69 nett. The best gross for the day was 73 by Brendan Beasley. NTP were place on every hole, 1/10: F Johnson, 2/11: J Browning, 3/12: G Parker, mens 4/13: I Kemp, ladies 4/13: R Featherstone, 5/14: C Plilp, 6/15: I Kemp had and eagle, 7/16: B Beasley, 8/17: J Buganey, 9/18: B Gotke and the Macquarie Motors Pro Pin is currently being held by Geoff Parker at 2.92m. This week we play for Emergency Services Open Day playing a single Stableford Monthly Mug event. . Timesheets are available for the month of November.


Due to the smaller numbers for chookies the comp was carried over the two weeks. The winner being Gary Sorensen with 18 points and the NTP on number 8 was received by Col Zahnow. Chookies may tee off before 7am only.


We played Karana Downs at the Laidley Golf Course last Sunday. A Featherstone won 4/12, G Maynard lost, A Browning squared, J Worley lost, B Hoskins Forfeit ( no show)

Fore Par