Golf Notes 12/12/11 – 18/12/11

Monday Boonah Veterans

No Veterans due to the wet Monday.

Wednesday Sporters

Last Wednesday the Sporters played the 1st round of their Championships.  The winner with 31 net was Phil Manitta, runner up Murray O’Reilly with 33 net.  The run down went to W. Hall & W. Gnech with 34 net, J. Handley, T. Lynch & L. Vandenbrink with 35 net, followed by A. Featherstone, B. Brown & F. Johnson with 36 net.  The nearest the pins were received by G. Parker 4/13, W. Maudsley 8/17 while 9/18 was received by T. Lynch.  The best Gross so far is held by G. Sippel, P. Manitta & T. Lynch with 38.  Next week is sponsored by the Boonah Motel.  The overall Championship Best Gross is being sponsored by Wayne Gnech.  The Sporters Xmas Break-Up will be held on conclusion of play.  Best of luck to all players.

Friendly Fridays

Last Friday 15 players played a Stableford 10-18 event.  The winner was V. Wilson with 23 pts, runner up was C. Greet with 22 pts, the rundown went to K. Cook and A. Featherstone with 20 pts.  Starting time is 3pm.


Last Saturday was our Closing Day.  Thanks to F. Johnson, P. Ward, S. & L Edwards for sponsoring the day.    The winner was B. Gotke on a count back from runner up G. Benstead with 41 pts.  Next best were A. Smith, W. Draheim, P. Manitta and R. Lee with 40 pts. The run down went to A. Browning & S. Bennet with 39 pts, A. Featherstone 38 pts, Simon Fahey, A. Gill, B. Sampson, B. Freiberg, R. Philp, and M. Grayson all with 37 pts, followed by G. Parker, M. Gnech, K. Dover, R. Cuneo, J. Shine, G. Searle, B. Hutchinson and B. Hoskin with 36 pts.    The ladies winner was K. Draheim with 41 pts, runner up was K. Cook with 36 pts followed by D. Wall with 34 pts.  The ntp’s were received by G. Maynard 1/10, R. Cuneo 2/11, A. Gill 3/12 & 4/13,  J. Browning 5/14, both B. May & G. Parker had Eagles on 6/15, M. Gnech 7/16, C. Philp 8/17 & 9/18 was received by M. Grayson.  The ladies ntp’s were received by K. Draheim on 4/13 while 8/17 was received by A. Brown.  The Pro Pin sponsored by Sugarloaf Bakery is currently being held by B. Gotke with 3.57m.  The voucher winner was L. Vandenbrink. The next couple of weeks will be Club Trophies. Timesheets are out now.  Our Opening Day will be on the 14th January, 2012 sponsored by Dover & Sons.


The Chookies will be held over for the next couple of weeks.

Fore Par