Golf Notes 13/12/10 -19/12/10

woman_on_teeMonday Boonah Veterans

Last Monday Veterans played a single Stableford event and the winner for the day was Tom Currie having 41 points, the runner up was John Potter having a count back of 38 points following in the rundown were M McGarrity also having 38 points, J Arthur had 35 points, C Shannon, P Cooper and B Brown each had 32 points and C Greet finished up with 31 points. The NTP on 4/13 was received by J Potter, the ladies 8/17 was received by R Featherstone and the mens 8/17 was received by G Henderson and the encouragement award went to L Brasington.

Wednesday Sporters

Last Wednesday Sporters held their second round of championships playing a single stroke 10-18 event with the trophies being donated by R & J Forsyth. The days winner being Tony Richardson having 32 nett and the runner up being Phil Ward having 34 nett, following in the rundown were J Dover, G Searle, P Manitta and M O’Reilly each having 35 nett and W Hall had 36 nett. G Sippel had the best Gross being 38 and P Ward won Arthur Hertweck’s ham he kindly donates every year. The NTP on 13 was received by J Browning, 17 was received by J Browning and 18 was received by P Manitta. The overall A Grade Champion for 2010 was Glen Sippel having 75nett. The overall B Grade Champion for 2010 was Tony Richardson having 69 nett and the overall C Grade Champion for 2010 was Joe Dover having 75 nett. Congratulations to all. Our last Wednesday sporters comp for the year will be sponsored by Bob Brown playing a single Stableford 1-9 event and the first comp for the year 2011 will be held on the 5th of January playing a single Stableford 10-18 + 7-9 event. Wishing you a all aMerry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

Friendly Fridays

No Friday Friendlies to report. Tee off is 3.00pm, please arrive earlier to put your name in.


We had 75 golfers play a 2 Ball Ambrose event for our Closing Day, sponsored by Fred Johnson and Phil Ward. The winners of the day were Brad Freiberg and Wayne Jackson having a score of 60, runners up were Arthur Hertweck and Tim Domjahn having a score of 61, second runners up were Anthony Smith and Mark Benstead having a score of 62 ¾ following in the rundown were K Francis and C Philp with 63 ¼ , W Maudsley and F Johnson had 63 ¾ ,J Browning and B May had 64, G Ball and G Maynard had 64 ¼ , B Gotke and G Sippel had 65, W Draheim and M Christensen had 65, J Beasley and B Beasley had 65 ½ , P Ledlie and G Knox had 66, J Buganey and S Francis had 66 ¼ , R Humphrey and L Roberts had 66 ½ , N Dieckmann and W Lutter had 67, J Smith and T Farmers had 67 ½ , and J Harris and J Bonk had 67 ½ . The ladies NTP on number 4/13 was received by A Brown, the mens number 4/13 was received by D Forsyth, 8/17 was received by T Farmers, 9/18 was received by T Domjahn and the Macqaurie Motors Pro Pin on number 17 was received by Dot Wall at 3.49m. There will be no competition on Christmas Day. Opening Day commences on the 8th of January. Playing a single stroke monthly medal event for Dover and Sons Trophies, the afternoon will be a shot gun start of 12.30pm. We are having a Club Trophy Day for New Years Day playing a single Stableford event. The timesheets are available for both these events. Merry Christmas to all.


There were no chookies. Boxing Day the clubhouse will be closed and chookies may play anytime on the 2nd of January.

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