Golf Notes 14/11/11 -20/11/11

Monday Boonah Veterans

Last Monday the Veterans played a Stableford competition. The winner was B. Brown with 39 pts, runner up J. Pearce with 37 pts on a count back from V. Wilson also with 37 pts. The rundown continued with T. Lynch with 36 pts, followed by S. Nakano and M. Cufi both with 35 pts, G. Sippel 34 pts and R. Clare with 33 pts. The nearest the pin on 4/13 was received by S Nakano, 8/17 was received by P. Cooper while the ladies on 8/17 was received by A. Brown. The encouragement award went to P. Cooper.

Wednesday Sporters

Last Wednesday was Phil Wards Trophy playing a 4BBB 10-18 + 7-9 hole competition. The winners were R. Brooks and M. Crowther with 30 pts, runners up were Grant Roberts and Greg Roberts with 32 pts. The rundown went to J. Potter and L. Roberts with 30 pts, followed by G. Parker and T. Richardson, F. Johnson and R. Maudsley, E. Newlove and M. O’Rielly and A. Featherstone and J. Browning all with 29 pts.

The NTP on 13 was received by D. Webster, 8/17 was received by P. Ward and 9/18 was received by F. Johnson. This week will be Les Roberts Trophy playing a Stableford 1-9 +16-18 competition. The following week the Trophy Donors are R. Brooks and M. Crowther playing a Stroke 10–18 + 7–9 event as well as putting. Don’t forget Sporter’s Championships December 7th and 14th December.

Friendly Fridays

Last Friday 9 players played a Stroke 10-18 event. The winners were M. Leary and M. McGarrity both having 31 net, runner up was T. Lynch with 34 net, S. Fahey had 35 net, followed by G. Henderson with 36 net. Starting time is 3pm, look forward to seeing you all then!


Last Saturday was Boonah B P Trophy thanks to the Maudsley Brothers. The winner with 64 net was D. Mortimer, runner up P. Ledlie with 65 net, next best was T. Weatherhead beating B Bennett on a count back, both with 66 net. The rundown went to J. Comp with 67 net, M. Simpson 68 net and R. Humphrey with 69 net, followed by G. Sippel, M. Bennet, M. Surawski, and T. Richardson all with 70 net, G. Parker, G. Philp, J. McGrath, W. Draheim, G. Benstead and M. Balzer all with 71 net, then we had R. Philp, G. Balharry, M. Grayson, J. Bonk and G. Meertens all with 72 net. The Best Gross for the day was won by Warren Maudsley with 67 off the stick, this now equals Brad Freiberg, followed by G. Sippel with 72. The Ladies Winner was K. Draheim with 70 net, runner up S. Bennet with 72 net, followed by D. Wall with 74 net. The ntp’s were received by P. Cooper on 4/13 while the ladies was received by J. Edwards, 8/17 was received by R. Humphrey and 9/18 was received by G. Philp. The Pro Pin sponsored by Sugarloaf Bakery is currently being held by G, Benstead with 244cm. This week is Bendigo Bank playing another stroke competition. The following week is Furniture Court Open Day. This will be the Monthly Medal Playoff, so if you have won a Monthly Medal this is the day for you. Timesheets are out now.


The Cookies winner for the fortnight was S. Smith with 21 pts, the rundown went to B. Freiberg also with 21 pts, Myles Murray and N. McLauren both with 18 pts. Nearest the pin was won by P. Holdway. This week chookies can tee off anytime.


Fore Par