Golf Notes 15/07/2013-21/07/2013


Wednesday the ladies played a stableford competition for Kris Cooks trophy. The winner with 44 pts was Jan Edwards, runner up Di Kuhnemann ocb from Anne Brown with 34 pts. Both pinshots 4/13 & 8/17 were received by Jan Edwards. This week will be Zuzanas trophy.


Wednesday the sporters was sponsored by AIS Insurance playing a 2 person Ambrose 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6. The winners with 41 net were A. Bennett & J. Finney, runners up were G. Eviston & S. Fahey 42 net. The run down went to P. Ward & B. Sampson 42&1/4, W. Maudsley & K. Venn 43&1/2 followed by G. Sippel & G. Parker 44 net, A. Gill & B. Hutchinson 44&1/4 and B. May & S. Edwards 44&3/4. The pin shots were received by T. Weatherhead on 13, J. Potter received 17, while G. Parker received 18. This week will be sponsored by Fassifern Quality Butchers playing a stableford 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15. Next week will sponsored by A. Hertwech & G. Searle playing a 4 Ball aggregate stroke competition, playing 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6.

Friendly Friday

The Friendly Friday’s had 15 players, playing a stablefdord 10-18 competition. The winner was K. Reinholdsson with 23 pts, runner up M. McGarrity with 22 pts, followed by C. Grett 21 pts and M. Crowther 20 pts. Nearest the pin was received by B. Hutchinson. Come along and enjoy the friendship of playing 9 holes…………… See you all there.


Saturday was sponsored by P. Manitta, D. Mortimer, A. Smith & S. Synott playing a 2 person ambrose. The winners with 61 net were B. Freiberg & M. Murray, runners up were W. Maudsley & W. Gnech 62&1/2. The run down went to P. King & J. McGrath 62&3/4, B. May & J. Browning 63 net, followed by D. Beazley & D. Forsyth 65&3/4, A. Bennett & S. Bennet 66&1/4, S. Fahey & B. Hutchinson and T. Domjahn & K. Bridges 66&1/2. The pin shots were on all holes and received by P. King on 1/10, 2/11, B. Hutchinson, 3/12 M. Murray, 4/13 W. Maudsley, while Z. Eviston received the ladies, 5/14 was received by M. Murray, 6/15 B. Freiberg, 7/16 W. Gnech, 8/17 was received by B. Freiberg and 9/18 was received by T. Lynch. The pro pin is sponsored by Sugarloaf Bakery is currently held by J. Browning with 4.9 m. This week will be the Noel Dover Memorial playing a stableford competition. The mixed Foursomes will be held on Sunday. Next week will be sponsored by G. B. & C. Philp & K. Francis playing a stableford/monthly mug competition.


This week we are playing the mixed Foursomes. No Social play until the last group have finished their 18th hole.

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