Golf Notes 15/11/10 -21/11/10

Image courtesy onigiri-kun via FlickrMonday Boonah Veterans

Last Monday the veterans played a single Stableford event and the winner for the day was Glen Sippel having 43 points and the runner up was Wayne Hall having 42 points following in the rundown were B Jones with 41 points, J Potter had 39 points, V Wilson and P Sheffield had 38 points each, M McGarrity, D Yeates, A Brown, J Shine and R Featherstone each had 37 points and completing the rundown with 36 points each were J Arthur, M Crowther and A Featherstone. The NTP on 4/13 was received by G Sippel and the ladies NTP on 8/17 was received by A Brown and the mens NTP on 8/17 was received by J Potter. A Henderson was awarded the encouragement award.

Wednesday Sporters

Last Wednesday Fred Harris and Phil Ward held a 4BBB Stableford 10-18 plus 7-9 event for their trophy day and the winners for the day were G Ball and A Featherstone having a count back of 32 points and the runners up were J Maynard and H Gwynne also having 32 points. The rundown consisted of D Webster and M Matthews also having 32 points, W Weiland and M Sim had 32 points, P Ward and R Maudsley had 31 points, A Featherstone and J Potter had 31 points, R Cuneo and G Sorensen had 30 points, W Hall and M O’Reilly had 30 points. The NTP on number 13 was received by D Yeates, number 17 was received by A Featherstone and number 18 was received by A Featherstone. This week we play a single stableford 1-9 plus 16-18 event for Les Roberts trophy day and the following week is the Fassifern Butchers trophy day playing a single stroke plus putts 10-18.

Friendly Fridays

A good roll up for friendly Friday group last week. The competition was a single stroke 10-18 and the winner for the afternoon was Rose Featherstone on a count back of 33 nett, the runner up was G Parker having 33 nett also followed by B Jones, W Jackson each having 34 nett, L Brassington, A Featherstone each had 36 nett, R Brooks had 37 nett, V Wilson had 39 nett, B McCibbawrkk gad 40nett and M McGarrity had 41 nett Tee off time is for 3.00pm, please arrive earlier to put your name in.


Last Saturday AIS insurance held their trophy day, playing a 4 Ball Ambrose Event the winners for the day were (AGU Handicap groups) C Philp, B May, K Francis and M Gnech having 54 ½, Runners up were N Dieckmann, J Gillett, W Lutter and G Lutter having 56 followed by P Gerhardt, J Worley, B Bennett and J Baulch having 57 1/8.(non AGU handicap groups) J Keidge, C Jorgensen, R Hubble and B Hubble had 61 3/8, J McGrath, S Bennet, S Bennet and M Bennet had 61 ½ on a count back, W Hall, Z Jenner, K Noe and B Sampson had 61 ½ J Dover, J Dover, G Kirkman and K Blackaby had 62 ¾. In the rundown were P Ledlie, K & W Draheim and M Christensen with 58 ¼, G & W Crouch, S OÇonnor and B Philp had 58 ¾, W Gnech, G Parker, G Sippel and R Cuneo had 59, T Domjahn, G Benstead, P Eggenhuizen and I Kemp had 59 ¼, A & R Featherstone, J Shine and G Ball had 59 ¼, A Gill, C Perrem, M O’Reilly and D Forsyth had 59 ½ . NTP winners No.1/10 C Perrem, No.2/11 B Sampson, No.3/12 R Cuneo, Ladies No.4/13 A Brown, Mens No.4/13 N Dieckmann, No.5/14 J Dover, No.6/15 N Dieckmann ( Eagle), No.7/16 C Philp, No.8/17 V Riley, No. 9/18 P Gerhardt, Long drive mens winner was Clint Perrem and the Ladies long drive winner was Ann Brown and Macquarie Motors Pro Pin is currently being held by V Riley 1.27m. Another big golf day this Saturday, we play for Furniture Court Trophy playing a single Stableford event A, B and C Grades and Ladies. Over $1000 in prizes. In aid of Multiple Sclerosis. The following week is R Worley and R Eacott trophy day playing a single stroke/ 2010 Monthly Medal Play-off.


Good to see a few out and about for chookies last Sunday, the winner being B Gnech on a count back of 17 points and the runner up was T Cameron also with 17 points. B Shannon picked up the NTP on number 4 and B Gnech picked up on number 8. No chookies this Sunday due to MDGA Pennants.


We played Sandy Gallop 2 at Karana Downs Golf Club last Sunday, Jeff Browning, Aidon Browning and Joey Worley all had wins and Arthur Featherstone and Brad Hoskins all had a loss. Over all we won 3-2.

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