Golf Notes 16/07/2012 -22/07/2012


Monday the Veterans played a stableford competition.  The winner with 39 pts was G. Sippel, runner up was T. Lynch on a count back from B. Brown & D. Forsyth with 36 pts. Next best were B. Bennett, P. Sheffield & P. Cooper with 35 pts, followed by D. Beazley, N. Casey & G. Henderson with 34 pts.  Nearest the pins were received by J. Arthur on 4/13, D. Beazley received 8/17 while K. Cook received the ladies. The Encouragement Award went to B. Jones.  The memberships draw jackpotted.

Wednesday Sporters

Last week the sporters was sponsored by AIS Insurance Brokers, playing a 2 ball Ambrose 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6. The winners were R. Cuneo & G. Parker with 44&1/2, runners up were G. Sippel & J. Potter with 45.  The run down went to G. Sorenson & T. Lynch with 45&3/4 and McGarrity & G. Searle with 47&1/2. The pin shots were received by W. Hall on 13, B. Davey on 17 while 18 was received by A. Featherstone.  Wednesday will be sponsored by Fassifern Quality Butchers playing a stroke  competition1-9 + 10, 14 & 15.  The following week will be sponsored by A. Hertweck & G. Searle playing a 4 Ball aggregate stroke event on 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6.

Friendly Fridays

We had 7 players on Friday with the winner being G. Searle with 19 pts, runner up R. Brooks on a count back from M. Crowther with 15 pts.   Tee off time is now 2.30.  Please feel free to come along and enjoy a great afternoon, friendly atmosphere and even a drink before an evening meal.


Saturday we played a 2 ball Amborse competition  sponsored by P. Manitta, D. Mortimer, A. Smith & S. Synott.  The winners were A. Gill & R. Maudsley with 35 &1/2, runners up were W. Jackson & S. Murray with 66net. The rundown went to D. Mortimer & W. Gnech, J. Browining & B. May, M. Dickson & A. Browning, A. Smith & P. Manitta, W. Maudsley & F. Johnson, I Kemp & P. Eggenhuizen, T. Lynch & K. Cook, T. Domjahn & G. Benstead & R. Humphrey & J. Bonk, followed by W. Lutter & N. Dieckmann, B. Bennett & D. Forsyth, W & G Lutter, Stuart Fahey & T. Farmers, B. Davey & P. Leahy.   Nearest the pins were on all holes and received by J. Browning 1/10, 2/11 T. Lynch, 3/12 P. Manitta, 4/13 W. Gnech the ladies on 4/13 was received by D. Wall, 5/14 A. Gill, 6/15 J. Bonk, 7/16 P Eggenhuizen, 8/17 was received by W. Maudsley & 9/18 was received by G. Lutter.   The pro pin sponsored by Sugarloaf Bakery is currently held by T. Moller with 1.68 metres.

This week will be the Noel Dover Memorial, with the Mixed Foursomes on Sunday.  Next week will be sponsored by GTL Transport and will be the Monthly Mugl for August.  Timesheets are out now.


This week we have the mixed foursomes. Chotokies can tee off before 8.30

Fore Par.