Golf Notes 16/10/11 -23/10/11

Monday Boonah Veterans

Last Monday the veterans played a Stroke competition for the final Championship Round. The winner was G. Henderson with 71 net, runner up was T. Lynch with 73 net, the rundown went to V. Riley with 74 net, B. Brown and P Cooper with 76 net and A. Featherstone with 78 net. The NTP on 4/13 was received by P Cooper, 8/17 was won by A. Featherstone, and the ladies on 8/17 was received by A. Brown. B Jones received by encouragement award this week. The Mens Championship winner is G. Greet with 206 net while the Ladies Champion is A. Brown with 224.

Wednesday Sporters

Last Wednesday was the Pub Day where we had 6 hotels represented. The overall winner was A. Featherstone with 30 pts. The Teams winners representing the Commercial Hotel with 151 pts was R. Cuneo, G. Parker, A. Gill, R. Brooks W. Hall and G. Sippel. The runners up from Simons Tavern with 140 pts were A. Featherstone, M. McGarrity, G. Searle, T. Lynch, M. Crowther, and J. Dover. The run down went to the Dugandan Hotel with 135 pts and the Australian Hotel with 133 pts.

The NTP on 4 was won by J. Dover, 8/17 was received by J. Dover and 9/18 was received by G. Parker. This week will be a Stroke 1–9 + 16–18 event. Next week is Mitre 10 Hardware Stableford event playing 10-18 + 7-9.

Friendly Fridays

Last Friday 16 players played a Stableford 10-18 event. The winner was M. Crowther with 24 pts, runner up was M. Leary with 22 pts. The run down went to A. Henderson with 21 pts, followed by S. Mudde, B. Jones & A. Featherstone with 20 pts. Don’t forget the new time to start at 3pm, look forward to seeing you all then!


Last Saturday AIS Insurance sponsored a big day , thanks to James and all his crew. The winners with 54&3/4 were S. Fahey, G. & G. Roberts & S Piva. The runner’s up were R. Eacott, T. Weatherhead, V. Riley and K. Cook with 55&1/8. Next best was M. O’Rielly, J. Gillett, D. Forsyth & M. McGarrity with 56&3/8, followed by S. Bennet, L. Johnson, J. McGrath & S. Bennet with 56&3/4. The Social winners were J. Dover, C. Wimmer, D. Gallagher & B. Hubble with 67net, the runner’s up were K. Altoft, C. Scuderi, B. Sherlock & L. Sherlock with 72 net. The run down continued with J. Worley, W. Gnech, Stuart Fahey & K. Turner with 57&7/8, followed by A. Gill, S. OÇonnell, K. Dover & J. Handley with 58, R. Cuneo, G. Parker, D. & S. Hughes and W. Jackson, B. Freiberg, A. Bennett & T. Ryan concluded the run down with 58&1/8. The pin shots were won by A. Gill on 4/13 while K. Turner won the ladies, 8/17 was won by D. Witherington and 9/18 was won by A. Gill. This week we play a Single Stableford competition for Boonah Tyrepower. Next week will be J. Handley, J. McGrath & P. King sponsoring a Monthly Medal event with Mens A. B. & C Grade plus Ladies Winners. Timesheets are out now for the next couple of weeks.


The winner of the Chookies this week is D. Chant with 19 pts beating dad R. Chant with 17 pts. There were no pinshots. This week the Chookies can tee off before 7.30, Social Club teeing off at 7.30.

 Fore Par