Golf Notes 16/1/12 -22/1/12

Monday Veterans

The Veterans started their 2012 year with a Stableford Competition. The winner with 43 pts was a visitor I. Smith, next best were T. Lynch & G. Sippel with 39 pts, followed by B. Jones 37 pts, V. Riley & V. Wilson both with 34 pts and A. Featherstone & P. Sheffield with 33 pts. The ntp’s were received by K. Chivers on 4/13, P. Sheffield on 8/17, R. Featherstone received the ladies on 8/17 while 9/18 was received by A. Featherstone. The Encouragement Award went to R. Clare.

Wednesday Sporters

Last Wednesday the Sporters were sponsored by John Maynard. The winner with 28 pts was G. Sippel, the runner up was L. Vandenbrink on a count back from M. Crowther, & T. Richardson with 26 pts. The Run Down continued J. Handley, R. Scells, A. Featherstone, G. Parker, E. Newlove & B. Brown all with 24 pts. The ntp’s were received by J. Handley on 13, as well as 8/17 while 9/18 was received by T. Richardson. This week is John Allen Memorial Trophy (R. Scells) and will be a stroke 1-9 + 16-18 event, and the following week is L. Vandenbrink’s Trophy which is a trial Shot Gun Start at 1 pm at the latest and will be a Stableford competition.

Friendly Fridays

Friday we had 13 players playing a stableford 1-9 competition. The winner was J. Browning on a count back from son Aiden with 21 pts, followed by R. Brooks with 20 pts and D. Mudde 19 pts. Starting time is 3pm, look forward to seeing you all then!


In the photo is Bob Dover sponsor of our Opening Day, J. McGrath A Grade runner up and the ladies winner D. Wall.


Last Saturday was our Opening Day which was sponsored by Dover & Sons. We started the year with a Stroke Monthly Medal. All of the winners received a Whipper Snipper, and all runners up prizes were donated by Dover & Sons. The A Grade winner was M. Blazer with 63 net, runner up J. McGrath with 68 net. B. Grade winner was M. Grayson with 62 net, runner up A. Featherstone with 66 net. C. Grade winner was G. Knox runner up L. Solomon 67 net. The Rundown went to J. Dover, M. McGarrity, A. Hertweck & A. Gill with 69 net, P. Robb, B. Daniels & B. Hoskin with 70 net, W. Draheim, N. Toohey & D. Mortimer 71 net, followed by T. Booth, T. Weatherhead, T. Farmers. T. Moller & R. Boughen 72 net and C. Petrohilis, K. Dover, T. Lynch, M. Gnech, P. Dadds & J. Briggenshaw all had 73 net. The ladies winner was D. Wall with 70 net, runner up K. Draheim with 75 net. The ntp’s were also sponsored by Dover & Sons with pins shots on all holes, 1/10 B. May, 2/11 T. Lynch, 3/12 was an Eagle D. McLean, 4/13 was received by B. Hoskin, while the ladies was received by A. Brown, 5/14 A. Hertweck, 6/15 A. Gill, 7/16 M. Balzer while 8/17 was received by T. Farmers and 9/18 was received by A. Gill. The Pro Pin sponsored by Sugarloaf Bakery is currently being held by T. Farmers. The Voucher winner was won by K. Dover. The Monthly Medal was won by M. Grayson. This week is sponsored by Ray Draper, and the following week is the Brisbane Boys Trophy playing a 4BBB Stableford Medley. Timesheets are our now.


The Chookies will be held over again till next week, and can tee off before 7am as we have a Social Club teeing off at 7.

 Fore Par