Golf Notes 18/03/2013-24/03/2013


Monday the Veterans played a stableford competition.  The winner with 36 pts was C. Shannon, runner up G. Sorenson 35 pts.  The rundown went to R. Parnell & R. Featherstone 34 pts, G. Henderson & P. Sheffield 33 pts, followed by J. Arthur, A. Burns and I. Smith all with 32 pts. Nearest the pins were received by A. Skinner on 4/13 while 8/17 were received by A. Featherstone & K. Cook.  The Encouragement Award was received by B. Jones and the Members Draw jackpotted.


Wednesday was sponsored by Di Vaughan playing a stableford competition.  The winner with 30 pts was J. Edwards, runner up D. Kuhnemann with 29 pts ocb from A. Brown & M. Maynard.  Wednesday will be the Monthly Medal for March.


Wednesday the Sporters was sponsored by Mick McGarrity playing a stableford 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6. The winner with 27pts was G. Eviston, runner up J. McGrath ocb from L. Vandenbrink with 27 pts.  The run down continued with R. Cuneo 26 pts, followed by T. Coghlan, G. Parker, B. Hutchinson. W. Hall and F. Johnson all with 24 pts.  Nearest the pins were received by G. Eviston 13, A. Skinner 17 while R. Maudsley received 18.  This will be an 18 hole stableford competition with a 1 pm Shotgun start, sponsored by Wayne Gnech.  Next week will be sponsored by Aaron Gill sponsoring a stroke 1-9 + 10, 14 &15.

Friendly Friday

Friday the Friendly Fridays’ had 17 players playing a stroke 10-18 competition. The winner with 34 net was Simon Fahey, runner up K. Reinholdsson followed by C. Greet & M. Crowther.   The pin shots were received by C. Greet on 13, V. Wilson on 17 while 18 was received by S. Fahey.  Don’t forget to come along and enjoy 9 holes, teeing off at the new time of 2.30pm……………..See you there.


Saturday was sponsored The Girls. The winner of A. Grade was J. Browning with 40 pts, runner up A. Heit 37 pts followed by G. Sipppel, W. Gnech & T. Farmers with 36 pts.  B. Grade winner was M. Gnech ocb from runner up R. Eacott with 37 pts, followed by D. Mortimer 36 pts, J. Comp 35 pts & M. Grayson 34 pts.  C. Grade winner M. Simpson ocb from runner up M. Dickson 38 pts, followed by B. Davey, D. Yeates & B. Hutchinson all with 34 pts. The pin shots were received by P. McNiven on 1/10, S. Fahey 2/11, W. Maudsley 3/12, J. McGrath 4/13 while the ladies was A. Brown, 5/14 S. Fahey, 6/15 &, 7/16 I. A. Heit, 8/17 J. Comp the ladies D. Wall, and 9/18 J. Worley.  The pro pin sponsored by Sugarloaf Bakery is currently held by J. Comp with 89 cm.  Saturday is the Easter week-end and will be sponsored by R. W. Ramsey and will be the Monthly Medal for March (this will be the 1st round of the Pro Steam Cup).  Club house will be closed Friday for Good Friday.  The next week will be sponsored by D. Yeates & C. Shannon playing a stroke Monthly Medal (this will be the 2nd round of the Pro Steam Cup.


There is no social club on Sunday.  Players can ring the club after 8 am for further information.

Fore Par