Golf Notes 18/04/2012 -22/04/2012


Last Monday the Veterans played at Canungra.

Wednesday Sporters

Last Wednesday the Sporters played a 4BBB Stableford competition sponsored by Alan Stick and Wayne Wieland playing 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15. The winners with 32 pts were T. Richardson & B. Hutchinson. Runners Up were T. Farmers & Simon Fahey with 31 pts. The run down went to J. Potter & T. Lynch with 30 pts, followed by G. Searle & M. McGarrity, H. Gwynne & R. Scells all with 29 pts. Nearest the pins were received by G. Searle on 4, L. Roberts on 8 while 9 was received by T. Lynch. This week is Anzac Day playing an 18 hole Stableford competition sponsored by Hal Gwynne. It will be 1.15 Shotgun Start with pin shots on all holes. Next week is a 2 Ball Ambrose playing 1-9 + 10,14 &15 sponsored by J R Plant Hire.

 Friendly Fridays

We had 12 players play a stableford 10 – 18 competition for Friendly Friday. The winner was B. Jones with 21 pts, runner up M. Crowther with 19 pts, the next best was G. Henderson with 18 pts and A. Featherstone and V. Wilson with 17 pts. Come along and play this Friday and see if Champion golfer Bob Jones can get his hat trick.


Last Saturday was sponsored by Wayne Hall for the 1st round of the Championships. The winner with 63 net was Simon Fahey, runner up was N. Dieckmann with 64 net. The run down went to J. Browning 65 net, R. Webster & T. Farmers with 68 net, next best was L. Vandenbrink 69 net, P. Dadds & G. Schmidt both with 70 net, followed by W. Kitchen, N. Hughes, J. Comp and P. Eggenhuizen 71 net and J. Handley, W. Gnech, Stuart Fahey, K. Dover, R. Humphrey, R. Eacott and W. Lutter all with 72 net. Ntps were received by M. Dickson on 4/13 the ladies was received by K. Cook, 8/17 was received by B. Freiberg, the ladies was received by A. Brown, while 9/18 was received by R. Eacott. The ladies winner was S. McKenzie with 66 net, runner up K. Turner with 72 net. The pro pin sponsored by Sugarloaf Bakery is currently being held by Simon Fahey with 1.40 metres.

Sunday we played the 2nd round of the Championships sponsored by G. Philp. The winner on a count back was J. Worley with 70 net, runner up was M. Christensen from N. Toohey both had 70 net. The rundown went to A. Browning, J. Comp, G. Sippel, J. Buganey, G. Schmidt and W. Lutter all with 71 net, followed by J. Browning, T, Farmers and W. Draheim with 72 net. The ntp’s were received by J. Comp on 4/13, ladies G. Buganey, 8/17 was received by B. Davey, the ladies was received by D. Kuhnemann and 9/18 was received by A. Gill. The Ladies was won by K. Turner with 72 net, runner up K. Cook with 73 net. Next week with be the 3rd and 4th round of our Championships.

The leaders in the Championships are A. Grade J. Browning 144. B. Freiberg 149, G. Sippel 153 and Simon Fahey on 154. B. Grade W. Lutter 163, J. Worley 167, N. Toohey, G. Balharry and R. Cuneo 168. C. Grade G. Schmidt and L. Vandenbrink 193, S. Mudde 197 and B. Brown and V. Riley 201. D. Grade N. Dieckmann 193 and S. Hughes 225 The ladies A Grade leader is A. Brown 163 from K. Turner 174. B. Grade K. Cook 193 from S. Reid 199. C. Grade M. Maynard 232.


Next week will be our Championships again, so have a sleep in. Sunday the 6th May you can come at any time.

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