Golf Notes 19/8/19 – 25/8/19

Veterans:   Monday the Veterans played a stableford competition. The winner with 40 pts was R Humphrey, runner up C Shannon with 38 pts ocb. The run down went to D Bass & A Stick 38 pts, N Hooke & M Hassan 37 pts, R Parnell 36 pts followed by V Riley 34 pts and R Patrick & D Forsyth 33 pts. Pin Shots were received by N Casey & R Patrick while J Sippel & L Hooke received the ladies. The Members Draw jackpotted, while A Featherstone received the Encouragement Award. Tomorrow is the Boonah Open Day.   Next week will be a stableford competition. 

Ladies: 12 ladies teed off for Kris Cook’s day last Wednesday and Jill Pfingst was the winner with the very good score of 39 stableford points. Check your handicap Jill! Runner up also with a better than handicap score was Vicki Bird 37, and others were Anne Brown 34, Di Kuhnemann 32, Marg Kuhnemann and Jan Edwards 28, Maureen Maynard 26, Meryl Tress 25, Juleen Sippel 24, Kris Cook 23, Jo McAntee 22 and Nicki Mulligan 15. Kris won the pin shot on 4/13, Vicki had a chip in to win the pin shot on 8/17 and Maureen won the money line. As this goes to press the club is geared up for the Legends Tour Pro Am with over 60 professionals taking part. Do come and watch as it will be a fun day with good golf and good food available. Good golfing and may all your putts drop in.

Sporters:  Wednesday was the Glenn Sippel Memorial, playing a stableford 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15 competition, sponsored by QFS mates and D Forsyth. The winner was R Stinson with 29 pts, runner up was R Eacott with 28 pts ocb. The run down went to R Cuneo 28 pts, J Handley 26 pts and N Hooke with 24 pts. Pin shots were received by B May on 4, N Hooke received 8 while G Parker received 9. This week will be sponsored by G Eviston for the Stan McCullough Trophy. This will be an 18 hole shot gun start before the Pro Am onThursday. Next week will be back to normal with R Stinson sponsoring the day playing a stableford 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15 competition.

Friendly Fridays:   Friendly Fridays played a stroke back 9 competition. The winner was B May with 31 net. runner up N Hooke ocb from M Crowther with 34 net. The run down went to K Rhodes with 36 net. The pin shot was received by K Sawtell while D May received by NAGA. This Friday will be a stroke competition for the last Big Money Day.

Saturday:  Saturday was sponsored by Drummond Golf playing a 4BBB stableford competition. The winners were new members J Waters & S Reid with 51 pts, runners up were visitors W Martin & R Higgs with 50 pts. The run down went to J McGrath & R Mausdley and C Perrem & S Grace with 48 pts, J Sippel & R Humphrey 46 pts, followed by P Gerhardt & S Bailey, S Francis & Z Eviston, D Forsyth & R Philp and C Wilson & P Rabbitt 45 pts, A Gill & G Maynard 44 pts and G Philp & D Mortimer and W Hill & C Shannon 43 pts. Pin Shots were received J McGrath & J Pfingst on 4/13, R Burnett & A Leary received 8/17 and R Higgs received 9/18. The pro pin on 4 is sponsored by Drummond Golf and currently held by M Simmonds with 1.43m. The pro pin on 17 is sponsored by Sugarloaf Bakery and currently held by D Forsyth with 2.4m. The Accurate Drive was won by J McAntee. This week will be the Rotary Club Open Day with both am & pm shot gun starts. Next week will be sponsored by Puma Fuels Aratula playing a stroke/monthly medal competition. This will be another round of the BiRite Challenge.

Sunday:  Next week we have a small Social Club you will be able to play amongst them just ring the club to make a booking or for any further details.