Golf Notes 19/09/11-25/09/11

Monday Boonah Veterans

Last Monday seen 24 veterans play the 2nd round of championship stroke event, the winner being Clive Greet with 63 nett and the runner up was Rob Brooks with 67 nett following in the rundown were M Kuhnemann and A Featherstone with 68 nett, G Henderson, M Cupe, B Brown and G Sippel with 69 nett and with a 71 nett was E Newlove and J Edwards. The NTP on 4/13 was received by M McGarrity, the mens 8/17 was received by V Wilson and the ladies 8/17 was received by A Brown. R Featherstone received by encouragement award this week.

Wednesday Sporters

Last week seen John Handley hold a single stroke 10-18+7-9 event for his trophy day and the winner for the afternoon was Joe McGrath having 42 1/3 Nett and the runner up was Murray O’Reilly having 42 2/3 Nett. Following in the rundown were B Brown with 43 1/3 Nett, B May with 45 Nett, R Scells with 45 2/3 Nett, M Crowther with 46 1/3 Nett and completing the rundown were G Sippel and D Forsyth each having 47 1/3 Nett. Joe McGrath also had the best Gross for the afternoon being 49. The NTP on 13 was missed, 8/17 was received by B Brown and 9/18 was received by R Scells. This week we play a single Stableford 10-18+7-9 event for Terry Lynch’s trophy day and the following week we play for Sugarloaf Bakery Trophy Day playing a single stroke 1-9+16-18 event, reminder that Sporters Pub Day will be held on Wednesday 19th of October, to start arranging you teams!

Friendly Fridays

Last Friday seen 13 golfers play a single Stableford 1-9 event and the winner for the afternoon was Clive Greet having 26 pts and the runner up was Rob Brooks having 23 pts following in the rundown were S Mudde, G Henderson and B Jones each having 22 pts, C Shannon had 21 pts and T Lynch had 19 pts. Don’t forget the new time to start at 3pm, look forward to seeing you all then!


Last Saturday we played Lou Vandenbrink, Greg & Maureen Maynard’4BBB Stableford. The winner with 52 points were G. Schmidt and M. Grayson, runner up A. Browinging and K. Turner with 48 pts on a countback from S. Edwards & M. Gnech and J. Comp & D. Bond also with 48 pts. The run down continued with B. Hoskin & R. McGrath also with 48 pts followed by G. Parker & R. Cuneo with 45 pts, R. & L. Humphrey and B. & A. Brown with 44 pts, S. Bennet & J. Dover, V. Riley & T. Weatherhead all with 43pts, J. Worley & G. Sippel, and T. Lynch & A. Featherstone all had 42 pts. NTP’s 3/12 were won by A. Bennett, 4/13, B Philp, the ladies on 4/13 was won by A. Brown, 6/15: B. Freiberg, 8/17 G. Parker & 9/18: A. Bennett. The Mens Long Drive on 10 was won by G. Sippel while the ladies was won by A. Brown. The club lucky draw voucher winner was J. Dover. This Saturday we play a single Stroke Monthly Medal for Paul Ledlie, Murray Christensen and Geoff Ball’s trophy, the following week we play a Stableford Monthly Mug event for Steve & Linda Edwards’s Trophy


This week the Chookies can tee off before 7.30 am as we have a Social Club teeing off at 8am.

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