Golf Notes 2/11/20 – 8/11/20


Monday the Veterans had 35 players play a 4BBB stableford competition.  The winners were G Parker & D Forsyth with 45 pts, runners up were G Hunt & T Russell with 44 pts.  The ball run down went to B May & C Shannon and L Blunt & W Hill 43 pts followed by R Stinsom & M Gray, M Hassan & W Martin and A McNeil & M Panzram with 42 pts and S Dennis & P Matic, K Cook & L Kelly and K Rhodes & G Sorenson with 41 pts.  K Rhodes had a Eagle on the 15th.    The Members Draw was won by G Sharpe while the Encouragement Award went to P Moran & G Wellings.   Next week is the Scenic Rim District Day at Beaudesert, playing a stableford competition.


Last Wednesday we played for the medal of medals and this was won by Barb Hamilton with 70 net.  The other event was won by Anna Tomlinson on a count back from Maureen Maynard with 72 net.  Other scores were Marg Kuhnemann and Linda Edwards 73 net, Vicki Bird 74, Juleen Sippel 77, Jan Edwards and Jan Baulch 78, Ellen Meagher and Jo McAntee 79,  Kris Cook 83.  Maureen won the putting and Linda Edwards won the Accuracy Shot.  Good to see Linda back with us.

On Saturday we played our last round of the Championships.  Jo McAntee is now our Club Champion.  Jo had 351 strokes.  Dot Wall was the runner up with 358 strokes.  B Grade winner was Alison Leary with 369, runner up was Sonia Reid with 371.  C Grade winner was Anna Tomlinson with 421, runner up Jenny Briant 448.  The Dulcie Ebenston Memorial net for the 4 rounds was Kaylene Turner with 291 and runner up was Alison Leary with 293.  The net winner in the A Grade was Kaylene 291 and Dot Wall runner up with 298.  B Grade was Alison 293 and Janet Wilson on count back from Sonia Reid with 295 net.  C Grade net winner was Jenny Briant 300 closely followed by Anna Tomlinson 301 net.  The winner of the daily competition for Anne Browns trophy was Janet Wilson with 70 net, runner up ocb from Juleen Sippel, Dot Wall & Marg Kuhnemann was Alison 71 net.  Next Wednesday is a Mulligan for Nicki Mulligans trophy of course

Good golfing everyone from Birdie.


Wednesday the Sporters was sponsored by K Rhodes, playing a stableford 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15 competition. The winner was B May ocb from runner up L Blunt with 30 pts. The run down went to G Parker 28 pts, K Kirgis 27 pts, R Cuneo, R Maudsley, B Beasley, G Eviston, B Davey, M Weber & R Brooks 25 pts followed by M O’Reilly & R Scells 24 pts.  The pin shot draws were won by M Weber, B May & M Hassan. A Gill won the Dugandan Dice draw.   This week will be sponsored by R Brooks & M Crowther playing a stroke + putting 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6 competition.  Next week will be sponsored by Dover & Sons for the 1st round of Sporters Championships, playing a single stroke 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15 competition.  W Gnech sponsors the best gross for the Championships.

Friendly Friday:

Friendly Fridays’ had 17 players tee off playing a 2 Ball Amrose front 9 competition.  The winners were K Sawtell & S Bailey with 31¼, runners up were M Hassan & J Gurney with 32½, followed by W Martin & V Christensen with 33½.  The NAGA’s were B Davey & D Webster.     


Saturday we played the final round of the Championsips sponsored by R Humphrey, W Hall, R Brooks & A Brown. The winner was S Bennett with 63 net, runner up M Simmonds 66 net.  The ball run down went to R Brooks & M Hassan 69 net, P Leath 70 net, I Browning, B Gotke & R Anderson 71 net followed by T Grimshaw, G Williams, S Francis, W Hill G Maynard & C Perrem 73 net, A Lutter, M Gnech & A Gill 74 net and D Mortimer, W Martin Snr, G Sharpe, G Hunt & G Philp 75 net. The ladies winner was J Wilson with 70 net, runner up was A Leary ocb from J Sippel, M Kuhnemann & D Wall.  This week will be a 4 Ball Ambrose competition sponsored by FIS Insurance.  Next week is the Boonah Lions, Trevor Dover Memoarial Day, playing a 2 ball Ambrose.


Sunday we are hosting the Moreton District Hickory Sticks.  Social play will available after 2.30 pm.  Ring the club for further details as we have strict rules still in place for the Carona Virus.  

Championships Our Champions for 2020 are J Browning & J McAntee.  Scores were J Browning 297, runner up W Maudsley 300.  A Grade net winner J Browning 285, runners up W Gnech & A Gill 289.  B Grade winner was I Browning 331, runner up S Bailey 336.  Net winner was S Bailey 288, runner up M Hassan 389.  C Grade winner was R Brooks 375, runner up R Dewar 377.  Net winner was R Dewar 293, runner up R Brooks 299.  D Grade winner was T Britton 438, runner up T Bennett 457.  Net winner was S Bennett 264, runner up T Bennett 297.  Junior Champion was C Marschke with 315.  Senior winner was J Browning, runner up W Maudsley.