Golf Notes 20/7/20 – 26/7/20


Monday the Veterans played a stableford competition.  The winner was K Rhodes with 41 pts, runner up N Casey ocb from M Hassan with 35 pts.  The run down continued with G Parker, G Hunt & E Meagher 35 pts, D Forsyth 34 pts, followed by M Fitzzpatrick, K Cook, S Dennis & W Hill 33 pts and D Dann & R Stinson 32 pts.  Pin shots were received by M Fitzpatrick & A Swift while A Brown & E Meagher received the ladies.  The Encouragement Award went to A Stick, while the Membership Draw jackpotted.  Next week will be a stroke round for the 2nd round of the Championships.   Monday the 10th August will be a 4BBB stableford against the Ipswich Vets


Last week we played a 4 BBB stableford competition, with a draw for partners and this was won by Ellen Meagher and Bernice Dover with 43 points, followed by Maureen Maynard and Di Kuhnemann with 42 points.  Other scores were Kris Cook and Jo McAntee and Juleen Sippel and Nicki Mulligan both with 41 points, Anna Tomlinson and Vicki Bird 40, Anne Brown and Sonia Reid 32, Lesley Rhodes and Jan Baulch 31.  The pins on 4/13 was won by Jo McAntee on 8/17 Anne Brown, Anne also won the accuracy shot.

The mixed foursomes championships is on Sunday 2nd August and on Wednesday 5th August is a 2 person ambrose draw for partners.  This is instead of the open day in the programme book.  The Darvall cup is on the weekend of 8th and 9th August.  

Good Golfing everyone from Birdie.


Wednesday the Sporters was sponsored by The Butcher Co the playing a stroke 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15 competition. The winner was G Parker with 45 net, runner up was B Brown ocb from K Lutter & D Forsyth with 47 net.  The run down continued with M Chalk 48 net and G Eviston, B May & K Rhodes with 49 net.     Pin shots were received by G Eviston on 4 whlile B May received 9. The Dugandan Dice winner was R Scells.  The best gross for the day was W Maudsley with 51 off the stick.  This week will be sponsored by G Searle playing a stableford 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6 competition.  Next week will be sponsored by M Gray & K Kirgis playing a stableford 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15 competition.

Friendly Friday:

No Friendly Friday this week due to the weather conditions.


Saturday we played a stableford competition, for the K & S Bartholomew Memorial, kindly sponsored by their family.  The A Grade winner was S Fahey with 37 pts, runner up J Gurney with 36 pts.  B Grade winner was S Francis with 35 pts, runner up R Brooks ocb with 34 pts.  C Grade winner was P Rabbitt with 34 pts, runner up P Francis with 32 pts.  The Ladies winner was J McAntee with 38 pts, runner up J Baulch with 33 pts.  The ball run down went to C Marsschke, B Gotke & N Toohey 35 pts, G Philp & M Weber 34 pts, followed by L Blunt 33 pts and W Maudlsey, D Mortimer, S Lutter, D Forsyth & M Hassan 32 pts.       Pin Shots were received by D Gray & D Wall on 4/13, L Blunt & J McAntee received 8/17 while T Grimshaw received 9/18.  This week will be sponsored by R, G & C Philp and M Gnech, playing a stableford/monthly mug competition. This will be the next round of the Bi Rite Challenge.  The Mixed Foursomes will be held on Sunday the 2nd August.  Next week – end will be The Darvall Cup sponsored by the Darvall Family.  The Pro Pin on 4, sponsored by Drummond Golf was won by T Grimshaw with 52 cm.  The Pro Pin on 17 is sponsored by Sugarloaf Bakery and won by G Hunt with 45 cm.  The Accuate Drive was received by W Maudsley.

Sunday No Social clubs this week however we are playing the Mixed Foursome championships.  Social play will be available before 7.30 and after they have completed their 18th hole as we play 27 holes.    Please ring the club to make a booking as we have strict regulations of play in leiu of the caronavirus.