Golf Notes 20/6/11 – 26/06/11

Monday Boonah Veterans

Last Monday veterans played a single Stableford event and the winner for the day was Bryan Hall with 39 points and the runner up was Vern Wilson with 38 points following in the rundown were A Featherstone, T Richardson, G Lever, S Morgan all with 38 points, A Henderson had 37 points, T Lynch, K Cook each had 36 points, E Newlove, G Henderson, D Berry each had 35 points, D Thomas and B Mathers each had 34 points, M McGarrity, D Dann, N Halls each had 33 points,R Winrow, R Brooks each had 32 points and M Boonstopper had 31 points. The NTP on 4/13 was received by V Wilson, the ladies NTP on 8/17 was received by K Cook and the mens NTP on 8/17 was received by V Wilson. The encouragement award went to R Rorie.

Wednesday Sporters

Last Wednesday John Allen held a single Stableford 1-9+16-18 and the winner for the day was Rob Cuneo having 25 points and the runner up was visitor Les Roberts having 27 points following in the rundown all having 24 points each were J McGrath, R Brooks and G Searle. The NTP on 4 was received by R Cuneo, 8/17 was received by R Brooks and 9/18 was received by L Roberts. This week we play a single stroke 10-18+7-9 event for Fassifern Pest Control and the following week we play a single Stableford 1-9+16-18 event for Dr David Yeates trophy day, look forward to seeing you all then!

Friendly Fridays

Last Friday seen 11 golfers play a single Stableford 10-18 event and the winner for the afternoon was Mark Crowther with 22 points and the runner up was Garth Henderson with 19 points followed by M McGarrity and A Henderson each having 18 points. Tee off time is for 2.30pm invite your neighbor or friend to come along and join in the fun!


Sean Synnott, Chris & Ben Philp (the winners) Phil Manitta, David Mortimer and Anthony Smith sponsors of the 2 Ball Ambrose event on Saturday

Last Saturday seen 60 play for the Sicilians, Greeks and Pommy Mates Golf Day, sponsored at the last minute by Phil Manitta, Dave Mortimer, Anthony Smith and Sean Synnott. The competition played was a 2 Ball Ambrose and the winners for the day were C Philp and B Philp with 60 1/4 , runners up were J Bonk and T Richardson on a count back of 64 ½, the rundown consisted of J Browning and A Browning with 64 ½, G Benstead and T Domjahn 64 3/4., B Freiberg and S Bennet 65, J Worley and R Turner 65 ½, B Gotke and T Farmers 65 ¾, G Parker and R Cuneo 66 ½, A Smith and P Manitta 66 ½, P King and J McGrath 67, P Dadds and N Toohey 67 ¼, S Francis and B Bennett 67 ½, R Eacott and J Handley 67 ¾, R Humphrey and L Humphrey 67 ¾. NTP’s were place on every hole 1/10: T Farmers, 2/11: J Worley, 3/12: C Philp, 4/13: A Bennett, 5/14: J Bonk, 6/15: S Bennet, 7/16: G Benstead, 8/17: G Schmidt, 9/18: B Freiberg. This Saturday we play a single stroke monthly medal event for the Beasley Bash Trophy Day.


Chookies results have been carried from the 5/06/11 due to lack of numbers and course availablility, Terry Smith was our only chookies winner with 20 points. No social play or chookies this week as we held our 2011 Mixed Foursomes Championships.

Fore Par