Golf Notes 2/2/2015-8/2/2015


Monday the Veterans played a stableford competition. The winner with 39 pts was R. Parnell, runner up was V. Wilson 38 pts, followed by J. Arthur 37 pts. The run down went P. Sheffiel 36 pts, B. Mahony 35 pts, followed by A. Featherstone 34 pts and A. Brown, R. Rhodes, E. Marshall, A. Burns and V. Riley 33 pts.. The pin shots were received by V. Wilson & L. Edwards on 4/13 while P. Mahony & A. Brown received 8/17. The Encouragement Award went to A. Jackson while the Membership Draw was won by Dr D. Yeates.


Wednesday was sponsored by J. Gillett playing a stableford 10 -18 + 1, 5 & 6. The winner was E. Newlove with 28 pts, runner up B. Brown 27 pts. The rundown went to M. Sim 26 pts, R. Cuneo 25 pts followed by L. Vandenbrink, G. Parker & D. Forsyth 24 pts. Pin shots was received by S. Fahey on 13, J. Browning received 17 while R. Maudsley received 18. The Dugandan Dice winner this week was B. Sampson. This week will be sponsored M. McGarrity playing a stroke 1-9 + 10, 14 + 15. Next week will be sponsored by M. O’Reilly playing a stableford 10 – 18 + 1, 5 & 6.

Friendly Friday

Friday 18 people teed off playing a stableford front 9 competition. The winner with V. Riley with 22 pts, runner up was J. Handley 21 pts, followed by A. Jackson & K. Reinholdsson 20 pts. The ntp were received by V. Wilson. Be here 2.45 pm for a 3pm tee off.


Saturday was sponsored by Boonah Real Estate playing a stroke/monthly medal competition. The A Grade winner and Monthly Medal winner was B. May with 65 net, runner up N. Toohey ocb from J. Lynch with 66 net.  B. Grade winner was D. Forsyth 67 net, runner up ocb was P. Leath from B. Philp with 70 net. C. Grade winner was M. Weber ocb from runner up S. O’Connell with 66 net, followed by S. Mudde 68 net. The rundown went to A. Gill 68 net, R. Watkins, D. Yeates & M. O’Reilly 69 net followed by M. Gnech, A. Hertweck & S. Edwards 70 net, B. Gotke, W. Maudsley, W. Gnech, P. Dadds, R. Brooks & T. Weatherhead 71 net and A. Jackson 72 net. The Ladies winner was L. Edwards with 69 net, runner up J. Edwards 74 net. Pin Shots were on all holes and received by B. Gotke 1/10, W. Gnech received 2/11 and 4/13, D. Forsyth received 3/12, 5/14 was received by A. Hertweck, 6/15 & 9/18went to N. Toohey, 7/16 was received by A. Gill, and S. Fahey received 8/17. J. Baulch received both 4/13 & 8/17 for the ladies. The pro pin on the 4th hole is sponsored by Drummond Golf and currently held by G. Eviston with 1280cm. The pro pin on the 17th is sponsored by Sugarloaf Bakery and currently held by S. Fahey 2070 cm. This week will be sponsored by sponsored The Brisbane Boys playing a stableford/monthly mug competition. Next week will be the Ray Chant Memorial sponsored by his family. Timesheets are out now.


This week we have a small social club teeing off at 7 am. Ring the club for further details.