Golf Notes 23/05/2015-29/05/2015


The Veterans played a stableford competition.  The winner was R Fitzgerald with 37 pts ocb from runner up R Parnell & V Wilson. The rundown continued with G Sorenson 33 pts and A Featherstone & K Rhodes with 30 pts.   Pinshots were received by G Sorenson

on 4/13 while 8/17 was received by M Hassan.  The Encouragement Award was received by E Marshall.


The ladies played a stableford competition for A Learys’ trophy.  The winner was J Baulch with 36 pts, runner up S Edwards with 30 pts, followed by L Edwards 28 pts and L Hooke 27 pts.  Pin shots were received by L Edwards on 4/13 while 8/17 was received by S Edwards.  Thanks to the Australian Hotel for their continued support.  This Wednesday we will be Monthly Medal/ stroke & putting competition.  This will be the 3rd round of WGQ Brooch as well as the 2nd round of International Bowl.  Next Wednesday will be a stableford competition for L Edwards trophy.


Wednesday was sponsored by G Sorensen playing a stableford 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15. The winner was J Handley with 28 pts ocb from runner up S Edwards.  The run down went to D Webster 25 pts and B May & J Browning 24 pts.  Pin shots were received by G Parker on 4, while S Fahey received both 8 & 9.  The Dice sponsored by Dugandan Hotel was received by L Blunt.  This week will be sponsored by J McGrath playing a stableford 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6. Next week will be sponsored by G J Gardner Homes (S Fahey) playing a stroke 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15.

Friendly Fridays’

Friendly Fridays’ had 25 players tee off playing a stroke back 9 competition for Big Money Day.  The winner was A Leary ocb from runner up C Shannon and A Moore with 31 net.  The run down went to T Alchin 34 net and Z Eviston, J Handley, R Wilkie & J Lynch with 35 net.  Pin shots were received by A Leary, W Hall & R Wilkie.  The Encouragement Award was received by D May.  This Friday we will be teeing off at 2.30 until after winter.  Please be early to have your name down.


Saturday we played the Cap Bruckner Memorial sponsored by his family. The winner was K Wilson with 41 pts, runner up N Toohey with 38 pts. The rundown went to C Shannon 37 pts, T Lynch 36 pts, B Perrem 35 pts and R Brooks, P Dadds, G Balharry, A Mitchell & D Ryan 34 pts.   The Ladies winner was M Tress 33 pts, runner up C Mitchell 31 pts.   Pin shots were received by T Britton & C Mitchell on 4/13, 8/17 was received by W Maudsley  & M Tress while 9/18 was received by A Mitchell.    The Money Pin was received by B May. The Pro Pin on 4 sponsored by Drummond Golf was won by N Toohey with 1.87m.  The Pro Pin on 17 sponsored by Sugarloaf Bakery was won by W Jackson with 25 cm.  This week will be sponsored by BP Boonah playing a stroke/monthly medal competition.  This will be the next round of Rent 4 Keeps challenge.  Next week will be a stableford/monthly mug competition sponsored by Fassifern Quality Butchers & Boonah Business Supplies.  


We have a social club Sunday teeing off at 7.30.  Ring the club for further details.