Golf Notes 23/11/2015-29/11/2015


Wednesday was sponsored by The Aratula Hotel  playing a stableford 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6 competition.  The winner was J Lynch with 30 pts ocb from runner up M Crowther.  The run down went to J  McGrath & R Maudsley 28 pts, J Worley, L Vandenbrink, followed by M McGarrity 25 pts and J Browning, R Scells & R Cuneo with 24 pts. Pin shots were received by J Browning on 13, J Lynch recieved 17 while G Parker received 18. The Dugandan Dice sponsored by the Dugandan Hotel was received by J Worley.    This week will be the 1st round of the Championships.  This will be a stroke 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15.  Next week will be the last round of the Championships playing a stroke 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6.  The Best Gross for the Championships is sponsored by W. Gnech.  The championship divisions are 0-8, 9-16 & 17-24.  This will be the Xmas breakup followed by the AGM.

Friendly Fridays’

Friendly Fridays’ had 28 golfers tee off for the Big Money Day playing a stroke 1-9 competition.  The winner was M Crowther ocb from runner up D Mortimer, R Brooks, R Wilkie and S Edwards with 31 net, followed by  Z Eviston & A Heit 32 net, T Alchin 33 net and V Riley, K Rhodes & J Dodd 34 net.   The pin shots were received by S Riley, J Dodd & A Heit while the NAGA went to L Rhodes.    Summer times have now kicked so we will be teeing off at 3 pm.  Be there at 2.45 to have your name down.


Saturday’s competition  was sponsored by Boonah TyrePower.   The winner & Monthly Mug winner was G Miller with 50 pts, runner up R Wilkie 45 pts, followed by W Maudsley 42 pts (this was 69 off the stick for Warren), M McGarrity and R Watkins 41 pts, J Browning, J McGrath, C Shannon & A Featherstone with 40 pts.  The rundown went to I Browning, S Francis, M Simpson, R Cuneo, A Hertweck,  J Comp, M Gnech, R Eacott and M Hassan all with 39 pts, V Christensen & C Perrem 38 pts, W Gnech 37 pts and R Townsend, R Maudsley, T Britton, L Blunt, G Parker and S Bailey 36 pts. The ladies winner was Z Eviston with 46 pts, runner up K Turner 39 pts, followed by L Edwards 34 pts.   Pin shots were received by N Hooke on 4/13, M Gnech & Z Eviston received 8/17 while A Featherstone received 9/18.  Boonah Tyrepower also on some long drives received by L Edwards & T Alchin and the Accurate Drive was rreceived by V Christensen.  The Money Pin was received by A Heit.  The Pro Pin on no 4 is sponsored by Drummond Golf was won by N Hooke with 94cm. Sugarloaf Bakery sponsors the Pro Pin on 17 and was won by R Eacott with 1.87m.  This week will be the Monthly Medal Play Off (If you have received a medal during the year then you will be in the playoff), sponsored by G & Z Eviston, W Gnech, J Browning & M Dickson.  Next week will be the mug play off playing a stableford competition sponsored by J McGrath, P King, J Handley & R Eacott.  


The Challenge Pennants played Sandy Gallop at Ipswich and lost.  This week we have a small Social Club teeing off at 7.30am  We will also  be hosting the Challenge Pennant Finals.  Ring the club for further details.