Golf Notes 26/03/2012 – 1/04/2012


Last Monday the Veterans played a 4BBB Stableford event. The winners were B. Hall & N. Casey with 50 pts, runners up were K. Chivers & P. Sheffield with 45 pts, next best were R. Parnell & S. Rolley with 44 pts followed by V. Wilson & M. Cufi with 43 pts and C. Shannon & D. Yeates finished the run down with 42 pts. The ntp’s were received by R. Parnell on 4/13, A. Featherstone on 8/17 & M. Leary received the ladies on 8/17. The Members Draw Jackpotted.

Wednesday Sporters

Last Wednesday the Sporters played an 18 hole Stableford competition sponsored by Wayne Gnech. The winner with 46 pts was G. Parker, runner up was W. Maudsley with 39 pts on a count back from A. Featherstone. The run down continued with G. Sorenson 38 pts, R. Cuneo 37 pts followed by F. Johnson with 36 pts. The ntp’s were received by R. Brooks 4/13, W. Maudsley received 8/17, while J. McGrath received 9/18. This week is being sponsored by Aaron Gill, playing a Stroke event 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15. Next week will be Lou Vandenbrinks’ trophy playing a Stableford 10-18 + 1,5 & 6.

Friendly Fridays

We had 9 players playing a Stableford 10-18 hole competition (no Woods, Rescue or Hybrids) for Friendly Friday. The winner with 24 pts was R. Brooks, runner up V. Wilson with 17 pts on a count back from M. Crowther. Tee Off time is still 3 pm see you all then.


Richard Eacott with his prize as the winner on Saturday sponsored by Beaudesert Softdrinks

Last Saturday was sponsored by Beaudesert Softdrinks. The winner with 66 net was R. Eacott, runner up on a count back was B. Bennett from M. Dickson, J. Comp and W. Jackson all with 67 net. The run down went to D. Yeates, C. Shannon and M. McGarrity with 68 net, followed by J. Browning, K. Dover, G. Maynard and S. Francis with 70 net, R. Cuneo, D. McLean and M. Simpson all had 71 net. The ladies winner R. Vines with 72 net, runner up was L. Dickinson on a count back with 75 net. Pin shots were received by G. Parker on 4/13, ladies 4/13 G. Buganey, 8/17 was received by M. Simpson, ladies was received by A. Brown and 9/18 was received by A. Mitchell. The pro pin sponsored by Sugarloaf Bakery was won by W. Jackson with 3.15 metres. This week is being sponsored by Dr Yeates, and we have a Sunday competition as well for anyone wanting to play. The following week will be T. Weatherheads’ trophy before the Championships start on the 21st, 22nd, 28th and 29th April. Timesheets are out now.


No Chookies on Sunday so it will be held over until next week. We are hoping to have a competition on Sunday, but feel free to play the Chookies if you like. The clubhouse will be open on Sunday and Monday for anyone wanting a game of golf.

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