Golf Notes 27/11/17 – 3/12/17

Our end of year lunch and presentation of yearly trophies was held last Wednesday. Thanks to “Chef Michael” and the rest of his team and thanks to Linda H and Kris for decorating the room in the festive spirit. Our “In house artist” Robyn provided the painting for pin the glove of the pocket…. Past members who are still trophy donors were invited for the lunch and presented the yearly trophies. Best gross – Anne Brown; Best nett – Jo McAntee; Medal of Medals – Linda Edwards; Beryl Drady match play – Anne Brown; Runner-up Ellen Meagher; Consistency Cup – Margaret Kuhnemann; Chip Ins – Kris Cook; Eclectic – Anne Brown; Biggest reduction in handicap – Ellen Meagher. WGQ (Women’s Golf Queensland) Brooch was a tie between Kris Cook and Ellen Meagher; International Bowl – Vicki Bird. The summer competition begins now which is 9 holes each week and the information is in the locker room. Our season begins again early February. We wish everyone a happy and healthy festive season.
Wednesday the Sporters was sponsored by Dover & Sons playing a stroke 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6 competition for the final round of the Championships. The daily winner was G Searle with 42 net, runner up R Stinson with 44 net ocb from A Stick & K Wilson. The run continued with M Maudsley 45 net, R Brooks 46 net, followed by L Blunt, W Wieland, N Hooke & R Wilkie 48 net and M Hassan 49 net. Pin shots were received by K Wilson on 13, M Weber received 17 while K Wilson received 18. The Dugandan Dice sponsored by the Dugandan Hotel was received by R Brooks & the best gross for the day was K Wilson with 52 off the stick. The Champions for 2017 are A Grade: J McGrath 100 net, B Grade: G Searle 95 net and C Grade: M Maudsley 91 net. The best gross for the Championship sponsored by W Gnech was J McGrath with 116. This week will be a club trophy playing a stableford 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15 with the AGM and Xmas Break-Up to follow. Next week will be sponsored by B Brown playing a stableford 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6 competition
Friendly Friday
Friendly Fridays had 20 players tee off playing a stableford front 9 competition. The winner was A Moore with 24 pts, runner up C Shannon 20 pts ocb from W Martin. The run down went to C Greet 19 pts, S Riley, V Christenson & J Lynch 18 pts. The pin shot was received by A Moore while D May received the NAGA
Saturday was sponsored by G & Z Eviston, W Gnech, J Browning & M Dickson playing a stroke/monthly medal. The A Grade winner was A Gill with 69 net, runner up K Wilson 71 net. B Grade winner was S Francis ocb from runner up L Blunt with 69 net. C Grade winner was B Perrem 62 net, runner up T Richardson 64 net. The ladies winner was J McAntee with 71 net, runner up A Leary 72 net. The run down went to P Willett, 69 net, D Ryan 70 net, B Gotke, R Eacott, P Manitta & P Dadds 71 net, J Browning 72 net followed by S Riley, G Ball, R Brooks & B May 73 net and K Eugarde, G Philp, S Browning & G Lutter 74 net. Pin shots were received by G Parker received 1/10 & 7/16, A Gill received 2/11 & 8/17, M Gnech received 3/12, K Wilson received 4/13, J Browning, J McAntee & D Ryan received 5/14 B Gotke 6/15, A Leary received 8/17 while T Richardson received 9/18. The Pro Pin on 4 is sponsored by Drummond Golf. The Pro Pin on 17 is sponsored by Sugarloaf Bakery and currently held by M Gnech with 3.6m. This week will be sponsored by J Handley, J McGrath, R Eacott & P King playing a stableford/monthly mug playoff. Next week will be the Closning Day with the Firies Open Day . This is a 12.30 shot gun start. Timesheets are out now.

A small social club this week you will be able to play amongst them if wanting a game of golf. Ring the club for further details.