Golf Notes 27/2/2017-6/3/2017


Monday the Veterans played a stableford competition.  The winner was K Rhodes with 40 pts, runner up T Lynch 38 pts, followed by D Gittins 35 pts.  The run down went to A Stick & B Cunningham 34 pts, M Maynard, M Hassan, S Edwards, A Jackson, J Potter & F Brophy 33 pts.  Pin shots were received by K Rhodes & M Maynard on 4/13 while C Shannon & J Burns received 8/17.  The Encouragement Award was received by A Featherstone.


Last Wednesday’s golf was sponsored by the Australian Hotel and we had 13 girls tee off for yet another hot day.  Ellen Maegher was the winner with a nett 72 and she also won the monthly medal and will now go into the playoff at the end of the year for the Medal of Medals which is an honour board event.   Runner-up was Anne Brown 74, Juleen Sippel on 75 got a ball in the run down.  9 hole winner was Fran Licciardo.  Jo McAntee had the least number of putts – 29.  Anne and Alison Leary won nearest the pin and Kris Cook got the encouragement award.   This week we are sponsored by a past member Di Vaughan.  


Wednesday the Sporters was sponsored by D Webster playing a stableford 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15.  The winner was M Weber ocb from runner up J Potter with 29 pts.  The run down went to R Brooks 28 pts, R Wilkie 36 pts and R Stinson, J Gillett & M Hassan 24 pts   Pin shots were received by R Wilkie on 4, while J Browning received 9.  The Dugandan Dice sponsored by Dugandan Hotel was received by N Hooke.  This week will be sponsored by W Gnech playing a stroke 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6.  Next week will be sponsored by R Fitzgerald playing a stableford 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15.

Friendly Friday

Friendly Fridays had 26 players tee of playing a stableford front 9 competition.  The winner was L Rhodes with 24 pts ocb from runner up J Handley, followed by M Crowther 22 pts ocb from R Eacott.  The run down continued with J Lynch, J McAntee, W Martin & B May 21 pts, followed by C Shannon & E Meagher 20 pts, V Riley, V Christensen & B Brown 19 pts and R Fitzgerald & S Riley 18 pts.  The pin shot was  received by J McAntee while the NAGA was received by P King.


Saturday was sponsored by R W Ramsay playing a Stableford/Monthly Mug competition.  The A Grade winner was S Brunjes with 40 pts, runner up P McNiven 38 pts followed by G Parker 37 pts ocb.  The B Grade winner was K Rhodes, runner up M Hassan followed by S Bailey all with 38 pts. The C Grade winner & Monthly Mug winner was S Riley 42 pts, runner up R Humphrey 40 pts followed by T Richardson 37 pts..  The Ladies winner was A Brown with 37 pts, runner up J McAntee 35 pts followed by J McVicar with 33 pts.  The best gross for the day was received by S Brunjes with 72 off the stick.  The run down went to G Balharry, T Grimshaw & G Clark 37 pts, C McVicar,S Francis, J Nunan & C Shannon 36 pts and G Selleck, J Harris, B Philp, A Hertweck, P Manitta, R Eacott, C McLean, K Wilson & N Hooke 35 pts.  Pin shots were received by K Rhodes & M Tress on 4/13, G Balharry & K Turner received 8/17, while J McGrath received 9/18.  The Pro Pin on 4 sponsored by Drummond Golf is currently held by C McLean with 1.55m.  The Pro Pin on 17 is sponsored by Sugarloaf Bakery and is currently held by T Lynch with 3.3m.  The Money Pin was received by K Wilson.  This week will be sponsored by the Brisbane Boys playing a stroke/monthly medal competition.  Next week is sponsored by R Brooks, C Shannon & P Cooper playing a 4BBB stroke medley competition.  This is a Honor Board Event so rules will apply.


No Social Club this week.  You can tee off whenever you would like but the clubhouse will open at 8 am if wanting to use a buggy.  Ring the club for further details.