Golf Notes 28/2/11 – 6/03/11

Monday Boonah Veterans

Last Monday veterans played a 4BBB Stableford event and the winners for the day were Ann and Bob Brown having 46 points and the runners up were John Shine and Mick McGarrity having 45 points following in the rundown were Rose and Arthur Featherstone having 41 points, Col Shannon and David Yeates had 41 points, Mark Crowther and Bob Jones had 41 points, Bryan Hall and Maureen Maynard had 39 points and Phil Cooper and John Potter had 39 points. The NTP on 4/13 was received by Jan Edwards the ladies NTP on 8/17 was received by Ann Brown and the mens NTP on 8/17 was received by new member Kevin Martin. Welcome aboard!

Wednesday Sporters

Last Wednesday John Maynard held a single stroke 10-18 event for his trophy day and the winner for the day was D Forsyth having 34 nett and runner up was visitor Matt Roberts also having 34 nett followed by Warren Maudsley with 35 nett and Murray O’Reilly had 36 nett. Warren Maudsley had the best Gross for the day being 37. The NTP on number 13 was received by Bob Brown, number 17 was received by Fred Johnson and nobody received 18. This week we play a single Stableford 1-9 plus 16-18 for Mick McGarrity’s trophy day and the following week we will play for John Potter’s trophy day playing a single stroke 1-9 event, hope to see you all then!

Friendly Fridays

There were no Friday Friendly golfers last week due to the rainy weather, better luck this week.


Last Saturday seen 43 players for R W Ramsey Trophy Day, playing a single Stableford Monthly Mug Event. There were prizes for Mens A,B and C Grade, Ladies winner and NTP’s on every hole. Congratulations to Ross McGrath the overall winner for the day having 41 points. A Grade winner was James Lynch having 39 points and the Runner up was B Gotke with 37 points. B Grade winner was Mike Gnech with 38 points and the runner up was Gordy Philp with 34 points. C Grade winner was Ross McGrath with 41 points and the runner up was James Dover with 38 points. The ball rundown consisted of G Maynard and J Buganey each having 36 points, G Sippel and G Schmidt each had 35 points and completing the mens rundown with 34 points each were G Balharry, Stu Fahey, Simon Fahey, B Freiberg and M O’Reilly. The ladies winner for the day was Kris Cook having 31 points and Dotty Wall received runner up with 26 points. The NTP winners were 1/10 B May, 2/11 D Forsyth, 3/12 P Ledlie, Mens 4/13 B May, Ladies 4/13 D Wall, 5/14 W Maudsley, 6/15 B Freiberg, 7/16 J Handley, 8/17 G Sippel, 9/18 W Gnech. This week we play for the Greeskeeper Golf Day sponsored by Tony Moller, Tim Farmers, Jason Smith and Bill Gotke. There will be a sausage sizzle, Drinks Cart Mens A,B and C Grade winner, runner up, 3rd, 4th, 5th aand 6th prizes, Overall winners 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize, Ladies winner, 2nd runner up and 3rd runner up, pinshots on every hole, putts competition and ball rundown. This comp is not to be missed and the timesheet is filling up fast! The following week is Ray Draper’s Trophy Day playing a single stroke event. Look forward to seeing you all then.


This Sunday chookies may tee off before 7.00am or after 8.00am only.

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