Golf Notes 28/4/2014-4/5/2014


Monday the Veterans played a stableford competition.  The winner with 42 pts was K. Reinholdsson, runner up B. Cunningham 41 pts, followed by K. Cook with 38 pts. The run down went to G. Sorensen 38 pts, B. Hall & B. Mahoney 37 pts, followed by A. Burns, T. Lynch, N. Casey and P. Cooper 35 pts and R. Parnell, E. Brophy, P. Sheffield & J. Edwards with 33 pts.  The pins shots were received by A. Burns 4/13 & A. Burns and K. Cook on 8/17.  The Encouragement Award was received by M. Hassan while th Membership Draw jackpotted.


Sporters was sponsored by J R Plant Hire (A & S Lutter) playing a stableford 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15.  The winner was R. Lawrance with 28 pts, runner up J. Potter ocb with 26 pts.  The run down went to D. Forsyth & J. Gillett 26 pts followed by W. Wieland 24 pts.    Thanks goes to the Dugandan Hotel for the sponsorship of the dice, this week won by B. May.  Pin Shots were received by W. Wieland on 4, A. Skinner received 8 while J. Lynch received 9.   This week will be sponsored  by E. Newlove & M. O’Reilly playing a stroke 10- 18 + 1, 5 & 6.  Next week will be sponsored by G. Parker playing a stableford 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15.

Friendly Friday

Friendly Friday’s had 6 crazy people tee off in the rain.  The winner was M. Weber with 22 pts, runner up A. Heit 21 pts followed by R. Brooks 16 pts and K. Reinholdsson 15 pts. The ntp was received by M. Hassan.   Friday will be a 10 – 18 hole stroke competition.  Be there 2.15 for a tee off at 2.30 pm.  Hope to see you all there……………….


Saturday was the 3rd round of the Championships sponsored by President M. Gnech.  The winner was J. Handley with 69 net.  The A. Grade winner was A. Heit 70 net runner up B. Freiberg 71 net.  B. Grade winner was G. Philp ocb from runner up R. Watkins with 76 net. C. Grade winner was G. Lutter 72 net, runner up M. Simpson 73 net and the D. Grade winner was M. Surawski 72 net, runner up J. Shine 78 net.   Pin shots were received by A. Heit on 4/13 & 8/17 while 9/18 was received by N. Toohey.   The ladies winner was L. Edwards 69 net runner up G. Buganey 79 net.  Pin shots were received by K. Turner on 4/13 while 8/17 was received by A. Brown.  We now have a pro pin on the 4th hole sponsored by Drummond Golf currently held by A. Heit 1200cm.  The pro pin on the 17th sponsored by Sugarloaf Bakery is currently held by A. Heit 3m.


Sunday was the final round of the Championships sponsored by our Patron H. Gwynne.  The winner was B. Hoskin with 67 net. The run down went to R. Webster 70 net, K. Eugarde, G. Eviston & M. Weber 74 net, followed by B. Freiberg & M. Grayson 75 net and S. Francis & J. Potter 76 net.  Pin Shots were received by J. Shine with a hole in 1 on 4/13, 8/17 was received by P. Eggenhuizen  while 8/17 was received by A, Gill. The ladies winner was Jan Baulch 79 net, runner up K. Turner.  Pin Shots were received by M. Tress on 4/13 while 8/17 was received by K. Cook.

The ladies Champion is Anne Brown 343, runner up K. Turner 373.  The ladies B. Grade winner is D. Kuhnemann 404, runner up K. Cook 418.  C. Grade winner is G. Buganey 429 while the D. Grade winner was H. Browning 461, runner up L. Edwards 481. The Best Overall net was won by H. Browning with 297.

The Mens Champion is B. Freiberg 299 runners up were A. Heit & J. Browning 310.  B. Grade winner is C. Frohmuller 358, runner up G. Philp 360.  C. Grade winner is S. Mudde 373, runner up B. Hoskins 379 and D. Grade winner is J. Shine 402.  The Senior Winner is T. Lynch 326, runner us R. Cuneo 337 and the Junior Winner is M Frohmuller 313, runner up A. Browning .  The A Grade Net winner was R. Webster 289 runner up B. Freiberg 291.  B. Grade net winner is J. Handley 296, runner up C. Frohmuller 302.  C. Grade net winner is S. Mudde 293, runner up S. Francis 294.  Senior Net winner is S. Mudde 293, runner up T. Lynch 294.


Chookies & Social players ring the clubhouse for further details on Sunday.