Golf Notes 29/6/20 – 5/7/20

Monday/Tuesday: We played a stableford competition. The winner was J Lynch with 39 pts, runner up K Kirgis ocb from E Meagher with 36pts. The Veterans will return tomorrow.


 Ladies:  Last Wednesday Vicki Bird won the monthly medal for Sandi Lees trophy with 74 net. the runner-up was Nicki Mulligan with 75 net. Other scores were Jan Baulch 76, Ellen Meagher 77, Anne Brown, Margaret Kuhnemann and a visitor Lou Hutchinson had 79 net. The nearest the pins on 4/13 was Jo McAntee and on 8/17 Jan Edwards. Jan also won the accuracy shot. The putting was won by Marg Kuhnemann with 28 putts. The putting was very good with no one having over 32 putts. Must be the good greens. The Foursomes was played last Sunday in very bleak conditions and even though it was bleak conditions we had ten pairs playing. The winners were Kaylene Turner and Dot Wall with a gross score of 141. The runners-up were Ellen Meagher and Vicki Bird with 143. The net winners were Marg Kuhnemann and Jan Baulch with net 110¼, runners up were Jill Pfingst and Jenny Briant with 114 net. Other gross/nett scores were Jo McAntee and Di Kuhnemann both had 147/123, Jill Pfingst and Jenny Briant 150/114, Sonia Reid and Seren McKenzie 152/126½, Anne Brown and Linda Hooke 159/129, Janet Wilson and Sue Grace 161/116¾, Meryl Tress and Nicki Mulligan 170/116¾. Don’t forget mixed foursomes coming up Sunday 2nd August. Get yourself a partner. Good Golfing everyone from Birdie.

Sporters:  Wednesday the Sporters were back playing a Stableford 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6 competition sponsored by M Fitzpatrick. The winner was K Kirgis with 27 pts ocb from runner up W Hall. The rundown went to R Cuneo & B Davey with 25 pts. Pin shots were received by J McGrath on 13, W Hall received 17 while R Maudsley received 18. This week will be sponsored by the Maudsley Brothers playing a stableford 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15 competition. Next week will be sponsored by FIS Insurance Brokers playing a 2 Ball Ambrose 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6 competition.

Friendly Friday:  Friendly Friday returned last week with 14 players playing a stableford back 9 competition. The winner was W Martin with 19 pts, runner up L Humphrey ocb from J McAntee with 17 pts. The pin shot was received by S Bailey while D Webster received by NAGA.

Saturday :  Saturday we played single stroke competition kindly sponsored by J Gillett, M O’Reilly & D Forsyth. The A Grade winner was T Grimshaw ocb from runner up W Martin Jnr with 75 net. B Grade winner and Monthly Medal winner was P Leath with 73 net, runner up G Lutter ocb with 74 net. C Grade winner was T Richardson with 74 net, runner up A Stick ocb with 76 net. The Ladies winner was S McKenzie ocb from runner up J McAntee with 75 net. The ball run down went to M Hassan & R Maudsley 74 net, W Hill, M Dickson, B & G Philp 75 net, J Gurney, C Perrem, & R Dewar 76 net, followed by G Parker, C Wilson, K Turner, A Leary, M Kuhnemann & D Wall 77 net and J McGrath, P McNiven, K Milligan, D Forsyth, S Francis, A Lutter & M O’Reilly with 78 net. Pin Shots were received by K Turner & M Gnech on 4/13, S Reid & B King received 8/17 while J Browning received 9/18. This week will be the Dover Memorial playing a stableford/monthly mug competition sponsored by the Dover Families. The Pro Pin on 4 sponsored by Drummond Golf is currently held by K Turner with 3.24m. The Accuate Drive was received by K Sawtell. S McKenzie had another Eagle on the 15th.

Sunday :  Sunday we have a social club teeing off at 7.30 using all the buggies. Social play will be available after 11.30. Please ring the club to make a booking as we have strict regulations of play in leiu of the caronavirus.