Golf Notes 30/1/12 – 5/2/12


Last Monday the Veterans didn’t play due to the wet weather.

Wednesday Sporters

Last Wednesday the Sporters played for John Gilletts Trophy playing a Stableford 10-18 + 7-9. The winner was W. Maudsley 27 pts while the runner up was G. Parker 23 pts. The run down went to R. Brooks with 22 pts. The ntp’s were received by A. Stick on13, 8/17 & 9/18 were received by W Maudsley. This week is D. Forsyth’s Trophy playing a 2 Ball Ambrose 1-9 + 16-18 and the following week is Murray O’Reilly’s trophy playing 10-18 + 7-9.

 Friendly Fridays

Friday we had 8 players for Friendly Friday. The winner with 30 net was Simon Fahey, while the runner M. Crowther had 33 net. The run down went to C. Greet & V. Riley with 34 net, followed by M. Leary & V. Wilson 37 net. Tee Off time is still 3 pm see you all then.


In the photo are Scott Bennet winner of B Grade & the monthly medal for February, Arthur Hertweck sponsor of the day( Boonah Real Estate), Joe McGrath 2nd runner up in A Grade, Bill Gotke winner of A Grade and Aaron Gill runner up of A Grade.

Last Saturday was the Monthly Medal for February sponsored by Boonah Real Estate. The Monthly Medal for February is Scott Bennet. The A Grade winner was B. Gotke on a count back from A. Gill who became the runner up, both had 70 net, followed by J. McGrath with 71 net. The B. Grade winner was S. Bennet with 66 net, runner up was M Grayson 68 net followed by A. Featherstone with 70 net. The C Grade winner was G. Schmidt with 70 net, runner up D. Yeates on a count back from M. McGarrity both had 71 net. The ball rundown went to A. Hertweck 71 net, T. Moller, J. Handley, D. Mortimer & R. Philp all with 72 net, followed by B. Hoskin, M. Gnech, W. Hall, J. Smith & J. Browning all with 73 net. Pin Shots were on all holes and were received by B. Freiberg 1/10, 2/11 B. Gotke, 3/12 A. Gill, 4/13 C. Shannon while the ladies was won by A. Brown, 5/14 B. Freiberg, 6/15 A. Gill, 7/16 J. Browning with an Eagle, 8/17 G. Searle while the ladies was A. Brown and 9/18 G. Maynard. The Ladies winner was A. Brown with 79 net, while G. Buganey was the runner up with 80 net. This week is the Monthly Mug for February sponsored Eyecare Plus, and the following week is Ray Chant Memorial. Timesheets are our now. The Monthly winner for January is M. Grayson who will receive the bottle of Scotch.


The Chookies winner is K. Eugarde. This week we have a small Social Club teeing off at 7 am, the Chookies can tee off before 7 or fit in after the social club have teed off.

Fore Par