Golf Notes 5/08/2013-11/08/2013


Wednesday the ladies played a stableford competition for a club trophy.  The winner with 35 pts was M. Maynard, runner up D. Kuhnemann.  The pin shots were received by D. Kuhnemann on 4/13 while 8/17 was received by A. Brown.  Thursday the ladies held their open day.  The Overall winner was J. Thomson.  The A Grade winner was C. VanDaalen,  runner up H. Ferguson.  B. Grade winner was J. Baulch, runner up K. Guy.  C. Grade winner was R. Coomber, runner up A. Duncanson.  The pin shots were received by J. McAfee on 4/13 while 8/17 were received by E. Austin & D. Keir.


Wednesday the sporters  was sponsored by GJ Gardner Homes for the Stan McCullough Memorial Trophy, playing a stableford 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15.  The winner with 28 pts was B. Hutchinson, runner up G. Searle with 27 pts ocb  from M. O’Reilly.  The run down continued with R. Cuneo, E. Newlove &  B. Brown with 26 pts, followed by G. Eviston, R. Scells and S. Fahey with 25 pts and R. Brooks with 24 pts.   The pin shots were received by A. Gill on 1/10, B. May received 3, B. Hutchinson received 4, R. Cuneo  received 5/14,  6/15 was received by A. Gill,  while G. Sippel received both 8 & 9.  The Dugandan Dice winner this week was R. Cuneo. (Thanks to the Dugandan for sponsoring the dice).  This week will be sponsored by David Woolgar playing the Wally Woolgar Trophy.  This will be a stableford 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6.  Next week will be sponsored by G. Sippel playing a stroke 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15.

Friendly Friday

The Friendly Friday’s had 14 players, playing a stroke 1-9 competition.  The winner was R. Brooks with 31 net, runner up G. Eviston, ocb from C. Greet & Z. Eviston with 33 net.  Nearest the pin was received by A. Heit.  Come along and enjoy an afternoon of playing 9 holes……………  See you all there.


Saturday was the 1st round of the Darvall Cup.  The winner with 68 net was E. Ryan, runner up G. Knox with 69 net.  The run down went to P. McNiven & P. King 70 net followed by  J. Browning, G. Sippel & J. McGrath 71 net and T. Wiegand, D. Bond, J. Buganey, M. Gnech, P. Dadds & V. Riley with 72 net.   The ladies winner was A. Brown 69 net, runner up K. Cook with 70 net.  The pin shots were received by G. Balharry on 4/13 the ladies K. Cook,  8/17 was received by T. Domjahn, the ladies Z. Eviston  and 9/18 was received by J. Handley.  J. Browning had an Eagle on no 3.  The pro pin sponsored by Sugarloaf Bakery is currently held by B. Freiberg with 3.62 m.  This week will be sponsored by Beaudesert Softdrinks playing a stableford competition.  Next week will be sponsored by S. & L. Edwards playing a 4BBB stableford competition.


Sunday we played the 2nd  round of the Darvall Cup.  The day competition was won by B. Brown, runner up B. Hutchinson with 69 net.  The rundown went to A. Hertweck with 70 net, M. Gnech & G. Balharry 71 net, T. Lynch 72 net, J. McGrath, S. Fahey & G. Philp 73 net and J. Browning & N. Toohey 74 net.  The pin shots were received by A. Stick on 4/13, the ladies J. Edwards, 8/17 was received by P. Dadds, the ladies D. Wall, while 9/18 was received by S. Fahey.  S. Fahey had an Eagle on 15.  Congratulations to B. Hutchinson & K. Cook the winners of the Darvall Cup for 2013.

Fore Par