Golf Notes 6/9/21 – 12/9/21


Monday the Veterans had 45 players tee off playing a 4BBB stableford competition.  The winners were B & A Brown with 46 pts, runners up were C Pearce & T Burke with 44 pts.  The ball run went to S Bailey & K Sawtell and K Hewitt & B Stonehand with 43 pts, T Cole & B Bartke 42 pts, S Dennis & E O’Farrell 41 pts followed by R Stinson & E Windolf and W Hill & S Wooley 40 pts and B May & J Gurney 39 pts.  Pin shots were received by T Cole & A McNeill while A Brown & K Hewitt received the ladies.  The Encouragement Award went to T & J Tane while the Members Draw jackpotted.  Next week will be The Boonah Vets Open Day playing a stableford competition. 


Wednesday the ladies played a single stableford competition, sponsored by L Edwards.  The winner was H Roebig with 37 pts, runner up was B Dover with 35 pts.  B Dover & A Brown won the pinshots.  The Accuracy Drive was won by J Edwards.  Next week will be a stableford competition.


Wednesday the Sporters was sponsored by Scenic Rim Landscaping Supplies, playing a single stroke 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6 competition.  The winner was M Hassan with 46 net, runner up B Brown ocb from W Hall, R Maudlsey & L Blunt with 49 net.  Pins shots were received by A Lutter on 13, while A Lutter received 18.  The Dugandan Dice winner was W Hall. The best gross was won by B Lawrance with 55 off the stick.  This week the sporters will be sponsored by J Handley playing a stableford 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15 competition.  Next week will be sponsored by Boonah Eyecare playing a stableford 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6 competition.


Saturday we played the Furniture Court Open Day with all money raised to be donated to our local SES.  Thanks to DJ, Brad and all of their sponsors for the day.   The Overall Winner was C Wilson with 39 pts ocb.  The Mens winner was J Browning ocb from runner up J Gurney with 38 pts, followed by A Hertweck ocb from A Heit with 37 pts.  The ladies winner was Z Eviston with 39 pts, runner up J Briant with 36 pts ocb.  The Social Winner was C Parker, runner up was A Zubko.  Pin shots went to D Butler & K Turner on 4/13, A Bennett & S McKenzie received 8/17 while A Gill received 9/18.  M Kuhnemann  received the Accurate Drive.  This week will be the Glenn Sippel Memorial playing a stableford/monthly mug competition. This will be kindly sponsored by J Sippel.  Next week-end will be the Darvall Cup, playing both Saturday & Sunday single stroke competitions. 


Sunday our Division 1 Pennants won 7½ to 1½.  B Spall lost 1 down on the last hole.  J Townsend won 3/2, S Peell won 2/1, B Gotke won 4/3, K Wilson won 1 up, B Lawrance won 3/1, S Bailey won 2/1, K Milligan won 5/3 while H Perrem squared his match.  Division 2 won 3½ to 1½.  T Alchin won 2/1, I Browning lost 3/1, C Perrem squared his match, W Martin won 2/1 and A Parker won 8/6.      


Sunday we have a social club teeing off at 8 am using all the buggies.   Ring the club to make a booking or for any further details.