Golf Notes 6/4/2015-12/4/2015


Wednesday was sponsored by Far Outdoors Boonah playing a stableford 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15.  The winner was G. Parker with 31 pts, runner up was M. Crowther with 28 pts. The run down went to W. Maudsley 26 pts, followed by J. Potter & B. May 24 pts.   Pin shots were received by B. May on 4, M. Crowther received 8 while M. Hassan received 9.  The Dugandan Dice winner this week was D. Forsyth.  This week will be sponsored by H. Gwynne playing a stableford 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6.  Next week will be sponsored by W. Wieland & A. Stick playing a 4BBB stabelford 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6.

Friendly Fridays’

Friendly Fridays’ had 15 players tee off for a stoke front 9 competition.  The winner was our champion golfer B. Jones who destroyed the field by 5 shots just in time for the Masters, runner up was M. Hassan ocb from M. Crowther with 33 net.  The ntp was received by M. Hassan   Be here 2.45 pm for a 3pm tee off on Friday.  From the 1st of May tee off will be at 2.45.


Saturday was sponsored by J. Shine & K. Eugarde playing a stableford/monthly mug competition.  The A. Grade winner & Monthly Mug winner was W. Maudsley with 39 pts, runner up I. Kemp 38 pts followed by A. Heit with 37 pts.  The B. Grade winner was G. Philp ocb from runner up M. Gnech 36 pts, followed by A. Hertweck ocb with 35 pts.  C. Grade winner was M. O’Reilly ocb from  runner up B. Davey with 38 pts, followed by J. Comp ocb with 37 pts.  The ladies winner was A. Brown with 35 pts runner up ocb was L. Edwards from M. Tress with 34 pts. The rundown went to N. Hooke 37 pts, N. Toohey & T. Weatherhead 36 pts followed by C. Perrem, S. Bailey, V. Riley & S. Mudde 35 pts.  Pin shots were received by B. Brown (with a hole in One.  Congratulations Bob) & J. Edwards on 4/13, W. Maudsley & A. Brown received 8/17 while J. Shine received 9/18.  The Pro Pin on hole no 4 is sponsored by Drummond Golf and currently held by B. Brown with a hole in 1.   The Sugarloaf Bakery Pro Pin on 17 is currently held by M. Dickson with 4.32m.   This week will be sponsored by The Fassifern Guardian playing a stableford competition. Next week is ANZAC Day.  There will be a competition in the afternoon with a Shotgun start at 12.30 depending on numbers.  It will be 4BBB stableford comp sponsored by the Kiwi Boys and will be AUST v NZ so put your names down now.  Timesheets are out now.


Sunday there is a small Social club teeing off at 8 am.  Ring the club for further details.