Golf Notes 7/7/2014 – 13/7/2014


The Vets’ played an 18 hole Stableford event on Monday with Bob Brown recording a win on 41pts. M.Tress was runner-up on 40 followed by K.Reinholdson on 38. K.Rhodes led the run-down on 35 followed by V.Wilson 35, M.Hassan 34, P.Cooper, T.Lynch and J.Potter on 33, G.Henderson 32 and C. Greet, A.Featherstone and E.Newlove on 31. Pin shots were:  M.Hassan 4/13; G.Henderson and K.Cook 8/17. The encouragement award went to K.Cook and the Member’s draw jackpots to next week.


Wednesday Sporters played a12-hole Stableford for trophies donated by Maudsley Brothers, BP Boonah. The winner with 28pts was Gerard Eviston. Runner-up ocb was Wayne Wieland 27 followed by Simon Fahey 27. The ball run-down was P.Manitta 25, T.Lynch, K.Rhodes and J. Handley 24. Pin Shots went to R.Maudsley (4), J.Lynch (8) and S.Fahey (9). The Dugandan Dice was won by Glen Sippel. This week is a 2 Ball Ambrose (back nine +1,5,6) sponsored by AIS Insurance Brokers. The following week will be a Single Stableford sponsored by Fassifern Quality Butchers.

Friendly Fridays

Sixteen players teed off in a 4BBB Stableford event 10-18. The winners were Rob Brooks and John Handley with 27pts followed by Clive Greet and Col Shannon 26. Third place went to Phil Cooper and Col Shannon with 24. Rob Brooks took the pin shot on 17.

Saturday Competition

More than 50 players competed in the Noel Dover Memorial single stableford competition. Overall winner and B Grade winner was P.Dadds with 43 pts followed by W.Jackson 39. A Grade winner was W.Maudsley 37pts followed by W.Gnech 35pts ocb from B.Gotke and S.Fahey. B. Brown won C Grade with 37pts followed by S.Mudde 36. The Ladies’ winner was Jan Edwards with 33 pts followed by K.Turner 31 and A.Brown 28.

The ball run-down was: G.Philp 35, J.Buganey, F.Johnson, A.Gill 34, V.Riley, J.Lynch, P.NcNiven and G.Balharry , A.Featherstone 33.Pin shots were: 4/13 A. Brown and S.Fahey; 8/17 A.Brown and W.Maudsley; 9/18 F.Johnson. The Pro Pin on No.17 is now held by W.Maudsley 1.250m and on No. 4, B.May, 1.86m.

This Saturday will be 2 Ball Ambrose sponsored by Rent for Keeps (Dave Mortimer). A social club is booked for 7.30am hit-off on Sunday so Chookies can tee off before or after that time. Next week will be a single Stableford sponsored by Wayne Hall. Sunday July 27 will be the Mixed Foursomes championships.