Golf Notes 8/11/21 – 14/11/21


No Veterans this week due to the wet weather. 


Sunday the ladies held a morning tea with presentation of trophies before their AGM.  The best gross with 81 & The Consistency Cup winner was A Brown, The best net for the year was H Roebig with 64 net,  The Medal of Medals winner, the most Chip Ins, The Eclectic Winner & the Beryl Drady Match Play winner was A Tomlinson, and the Beryl Drady runner up was J Wilson.


Wednesday the Sporters was sponsored by R Brooks & M Crowther playing a single stroke 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15 competition.  The winner was J Lynch with 41 net, runner up was B Beasley with 44 net.  The ball run down went to T Roebig 45 net, followed by T Russell, D Forsyth & G Searle with 47 net & M Hassan with 49 net.  The least amount of putts went to G Parker.  The best gross for the day was J Lynch & B Beasley with 49 off the stick.   Pin Shots went to D Forsyth on 4, W Wieland received 8 while B Beasley received 9.  The Dugandan Dice winner was T Russell with 5 9’s.  This week will be sponsored by Dover & Sons for the 1st round of the Championships playing a stroke 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15 competition.  Next week will be sponsored by Dover & Sons for the 2nd round of the Championships playing a stroke 10 – 18 + 1, 5 & 6 compeition.


Saturday we played a 4 ball Ambrose competition, sponsored by FIS Insurance.  The winners were C & H Perrem, B Spall & S Larkin with 58½, runners up were C & J Wilson and D & A Tomlinson ocb, from B Lawrance, K Milligan, B Gotke & A Gill with 60¼, followed by S Bailey, K Sawtell, A Parker & I Pocock with 60½.     Pin shots were received by A Gill on 4/13, K Sawtell & T Reid Pocock received 8/17 while G Clark received 9/15.  The Accurate Drives were received by C Wilson & A Tomlinson.  This week will be a 2 ball Amborse for the Boonah Lions Open Day (The Trevor Dover Memorial).  This is a 12.30 shot gun start.  Next week will be sponsored by Boonah Tyre Power playing a stableford competition.


The B Grade Pennant players squared their match 2½ to 2½.   Individual winners were S Bailey, K Wilson & A Parker while T Alchin squared his match and M Herrington lost.


No Social Clubs this week.   Social Play will be available all day just ring the club to make a booking or for any further details.