Golf Notes 4/3/19 – 10/3/19


The Veterans played a stroke competition. The winner was J Chrichton with 69 net, runner up M Simm with 71 net. The ball run down went to L Blunt, R Patrick, G Sorenson & G Philp 73 net, followed by W Martin & B Brown 74 net, K Kirgis, & R Fitzgerald 75 net and M Gray, P Cooper, N Hooke & M Maynard 76 net. The best mens gross was received by M Sim with 82 off the stick while M Maynard received the ladies with 97 off the stick. Pin shots were received by K Rhodes on 4/13 while E Windolf & M Maynard received 8/17. The Members draw jackpotted while the Encouragement Award was received by G Wellings. Tomorrow will be a stableford competition. The Canungra Vets Open day will be held next Monday. The next ladies competition will be held on 25th March if 6 or more ladies play.



Winner last Wednesday for the first monthly medal of the year was Marg Kuhnemann and she also had the least putts. Runner-up was daughter Di and then the other scores were Jill Pfingst 72 net, Kris Cook 74, Juleen Sippel 75, Jan Edwards 75, Linda Hooke 77, Jo Mc Antee 81 and also Jan Baulch, Maureen 84 net. Lots of chip-in’s for the day too with both Margie and Jan B scoring 2, Jan E and Maureen 1 each. Wednesday we are sponsored by Marg Kuhnemann and next week Jan Edwards’ trophy day. Our green’s super is doing a great job under such terribly hot condition. Good golfing and may all your putts fall in!


Wednesday Sporters was sponsored by D Webster playing a stableford 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15 competition. The winner was G Parker with 29 pts, runner up W Wieland with 28 pts. The ball run down went to J McGrath 27 pts, K Kirgis & J Handley 26 pts, followed by D Forsyth 25 pts and A Stick, K Rhodes, G Lutter & B Brown 24 pts. Pinshots were received by J Handley on 4, J Browning received 8 while R Cuneo received 9. The Dugandan Dice sponsored by Dugandan Hotel was won by R Cuneo. This week will be sponsored by W Gnech playing a stroke 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6 competition. Next week will sponsored by R Fitzgerald playing a stableford 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15 competition.

Friendly Friday:

Friendly Fridays had 23 players tee off, playing a stroke front 9 competition. The winner was D May with 30 net, runner up J Handley 32 net followed by R Brooks with 33 net ocb. The ball run went to L Hooke 33 net, B Brown & C Shannon 34 net, R Eacott 35 net and J Sippel, P King & V Christensen 36 net. The pin shot was received by B Brown while P Cooper received the NAGA.  


 Saturday was sponsored by P & J Dadds playing a stableford/monthly mug competition. The A Grade winner and monthly mug winner was C Perrem with 41 pts, runner up T Lynch with 40 pts. B Grade winner was A Parker with 39 pts, runner up M Dickson ocb with 36 pts. C Grade winner was K Kirgis with 38 pts, runner up W Brantjes ocb with 37 pts. The Ladies winner was J McAntee ocb from runner up K Turner with 37 pts. The ball run down went to R Burnett & P Gerhardt 39 pts, W & M Gnech, J Gurney & N Toohey 38 pts, M Sullivan 37 pts followed by A Gill, S Bailey, K Sawtell & D Wall 36 pts, V Christensen, D Hooper, B Gotke, R Eacott, R Philp, J Shine & B Brown 35 pts and S Blunt, W Maudsley, T Britton, T Richardson, J Nunan, A Brown & M Kuhnemann 34 pts. There were prizes for the least number of putts won by A Gill with 23 & J McAntee 22 pts. Pin Shots were received by A Parker & A Brown on 4/13, W Maudsley & D Wall received 8/17 while G Parker received 9/18. J McAntee had an Eagle on the 3rd. The pro pin on 4 is sponsored by Drummond Golf currently held by A Parker with 4.23m. The pro pin on 17 is sponsored by Sugarloaf Bakery and currently held by L Blunt with 4.23m. The Accurate Drive was received by S Bailey. This week will be sponsored by R Brooks, C Shannon & P Cooper playing a 4BBB stroke medley championship event. Next week will be sponsored by the New Kitchen Company playing a stableford competition. Timesheets are out now.


The Chookies sponsored by Mechanics in Boonah was won by A Bennett with 22 pts. We have a Social Club teeing off this week at 7, they are using all the buggies. If wanting a buggy you will have to wait until they have finished their round. Ring the club to make a booking or for any further details.