Golf Notes 14/9/20 – 20/9/20


Monday the Veterans had 33 players tee up for a stableford competition.  The winner was J Edwards ocb from runner up D Dann with 39 pts.  The ball run down went to R Stinson, G Sharpe & R Humphrey 38 pts, A Stick 37 pts, G Philp & T Lynch 36 pts followed by B May & M Hassan 35 pts and G Sorensen, R Holland, V Christensen & K Rhodes 34 pts.  The Members Draw Jackpotted while the Encouragement Award went to L Rhodes.   Tomorrow is a stableford competition. Next week will be a stableford competition.


The winner of the stableford for Linda Edwards trophy was Maureen Maynard with 39 points. The runner up was Di Kuhnemann with 37 points.  Other scores were Jan Baulch 34, Ellen Meagher & Nicki Mulligan 33, Anne Brown, Vicki Bird and Jo McAntee all with 31 points, Marg Kuhnemann 28, Bernice Dover 27, Barb Hamilton 25.   Thanks to Maureen we had a birthday cake for four people who had a birthday in September.  Jan Edwards called in with her beautiful great grand-daughter and we had a nice card and small gift from Kerrie Cooper who escaped the corona virus from the south and had a few games with us.   Plans are going ahead for our open day.  Please put your name on the entry form in the ladies room if you are playing that day as we already have some names in.   Start practicing for the championships coming up the first round is 24th October.

Good golfing everyone from Birdie.


Wednesday the Sporters was sponsored by John Handley playing a stableford 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15 competition.  The winner was M Hassan ocb from runner up D Forsyth with 29 pts.  The ball run went to R Humphrey, W Maudsley & M Weber 28 pts, R Cuneo & R Scells 27 pts followed by A Gill & W Gnech 26 pts, W Wieland & M Gray 25 pts and J Browning, G Parker, J Handley, B Sampson & W Hall 24 pts.  Pin Shots draws were R Cuneo, A Gill & W Hall.  The Dugandan Dice winner was B Davey.  This week will be sponsored by Steve Edwards playing a stableford 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6 competition.  Next week will be sponsored by Sugarloaf Bakery playing a stroke 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15 competition.

Friendly Friday:

Friendly Fridays’ had 17 players tee off playing a stroke back 9 competition.  The winner was W Martin with 32 net, runner up G Henderson ocb from R Stinson with 34 pts.  The run down went to V Christensen 36 net and H Perrem & J Lynch with 35 net.  The NAGA.was received by D Webster.


Saturday we played a single stroke/monthly medal competition, sponsored by Aaron Gill from Puma Fuels Aratula.  The winner was A Waters with 66 net, runner up C Marschke ocb from C Franklin with 68 net. The Ladies winner was L Stokes with 67 net, runner up J Wilson with 71 net. The ball run down went to W Gnech & J Gillett 69 net, P McNiven & C Wilson 70 net, A Bridges & M Weber 71 net, J Gurney, J Mitchell, H Luinstra, S Bailey, J Handley, R Brooks & J Brook 72 net and J McAntee, M Kuhnemann, B King, B Sampson, N Toohey, G Parker & D Gerhke 73 net.  This week will be sponsored by the Boonah Veterans playing a stableford competition.  Next week will be sponsored by Boonah Furniture Court playing a single stroke/monthly medal competition.  This is a 12.30 shot gun start.


Division 2 played Ipswich at Boonah with Boonah winning 5 – 0.  Winners were H Perrem, K Milligan, P Leath, S Bailey & J Gillett.  A big Thanks to all who played & helped in any way.


This week we have Social clubs using all the buggies.  Social play will be available around 12.30.   Ring the club for further details as we have strict rules still in place for the Carona Virus.