Golf Notes 14/04/2014 – 20/4/2014


Sporters was sponsored by W. Wieland & A. Stick playing a 4BBB stableford 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15. The winners were R. Fitzgerald & K. Rhodes with 33 pts, runners up G. Parker & R. Cuneo 32 pts. The run down went to D. Forsyth & B. Brown & S. & J. Fahey 31 pts, followed by B. Sampson & P. Manitta, G. Searle & M. McGarrity and J. Potter & R. Lawrance with 29 pts. Thanks goes to the Dugandan Hotel for the sponsorship of the dice, this week won by B. Brown. Pin Shots were received by R. Lawrance on 4, G. Searle received 8 while J. Browning received 9. This week will be sponsored by Hal Gwynne playing a stableford 10- 18 + 1, 5 & 6 competition. Next week will be sponsored by J R Plant Hire (A Lutter) playing a stableford 1=9 + 10, 14 & 15.

Friendly Friday

Due to the Public Holidays there will be no Friendly Friday’s until the 2nd May with tee off time 2.30 pm. Hope to see you all back then……………….


Saturday was sponsored by the Fassifern Guardian playing a stableford competition. The winner was B. Brown with 45 pts, runner up G. Benstead 44 pts followed by S. Fahey 42 pts, J. Browning, V. Riley & J. Buganey 40 pts. The run down went to R. Brooks 39 pts, P. Leath & T. Grimshaw 38pts, B. Freiberg, R. Webster, J. Browning, J. Gillett, T. Richardson & D. Bond 37 pts, followed by M. Murray, W. Gnech, B. May, A. Heit, E. Kelly, M. Dickson, M. Simpson, R. Cuneo and R. Fitzgerald all with 36 pts. Pin shots were received by P. Leath on 4/13, 8/17 was received by W. Gnech & 9/18 was received by S. Fahey. Simon Fahey had 2 Eagles in his round on Saturday. The ladies winner was H. Browning 39 pts, runner up T. Frohmuller 37 pts. Pin shots were received by R. Featherstone on 4/13 while 8/17 was received by T. Frohmuller. The pro pin sponsored by Sugarloaf Bakery is currently held by M. O’Reilly with .660m. We now have a pro pin on the 4th hole sponsored by Drummond Golf currently held by A. Brown with 8.24 m. The next two week-ends will be the Championships. Good Luck to all those playing in the championships.


No Chookies or Social Players are allowed for the next 2 week-ends as the Championships are being played over these week-ends.