Golf Notes 15/7/19 – 21/7/19

Veterans:   Monday the Veterans had 37 players tee off playing a stroke competition. The winner was P Dadds with 69 net, runner up T Russell with 71 net. The rundown went to T Lynch, D Donn, D Forsyth & M Hassan 72 net, followed by R Fitzgerald & M Maynard 73 net, E Windolf 74 net and R Parnell 75 net. D Donn had the best gross for the day with 81 off the stick. The mens pin shots were received by G Sorensen & D Forsyth while E Meagher received the ladies. The Encouragement Award was received by G Parker while the Members Draw jackpotted. Tomorrow is a stableford competition.  Next week will the 1st round of the Championships playing a stroke competition.

Ladies:   Last week the ladies played a stableford event for trophies donated by Ellen Meagher. Thanks very much Ellen. The field was quite small as some of our members have been ill or are travelling. Hopefully we will be back to bigger numbers soon. Di Kuhnemann played well to score 36 points to win. Linda Hooke had 33 points to be runner up. She edged out Maureen Maynard on a count back. Other scores were Margaret Kuhnemann 32 points, Jan Baulch 31, Ellen Meagher 29, Kris Cook 26 and Nikki Mulligan with 21 points. You are improving all the time Nikki. Nobody managed to land the ball on 4/13 green but Di won the 2nd shot on 8/17. Jan won the Accurate Drive. (Jan had 42 points on Saturday. Great golf Jan!) Next week we play for Boonah Flowers Trophy. We thanks Michelle for her support. 

Sporters:  Wednesday was sponsored by F I S Insurance playing a 2 ball Ambrose 10–18 + 1, 5 & 6 competition. The winners were J Browning & B May, runners up R Maudsley & J McGrath. The ball run down went to L Blunt & G Parker, K Wilson & P Rabbitt, N Hooke & G Lutter and V Christensen & J Handley. Pin shots were received by B May on 13 and J Browning received 17. The Dugandan Dice winner this week was J Dover. This week will be sponsored by The Butcher Co playing a stroke 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15 competition. Next week will be sponsored by G Searle playing a stableford 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6 competition.

Friendly Fridays:  Friendly Fridays had 18 players tee off playing a stableford back 9 competition. The winner was R Fitzgerald with 25 pts, runner up N Hooke with 23 pts followed by P King with 22 pts ocb. The rundown went to E Meagher, K Wilson & J Handley 22 pts followed by M Hassan 21 pts V Christensen 20 pts and T Alchin & B May 18 pts. The pin shot was received by K Wilson while K Kirgis received by NAGA. Next week will be a stroke competition for Big Money Day.

Saturday:  Saturday we played The Chappy Cup Open Day, playing a 4 Ball Ambrose competition. Thanks to Irene from the Boonah State School where all the proceeds will go to support their Chaplain. The winners were W Martin, T Richardson, V Christensen & A Hertweck with 54¾, runners up were J McGrath, J Handley, R Eacott & P King with 56¼, followed by S Bailey, M Schubring, K Sawtell & T Alchin 56½. The ball run down went down to 59¼. K & C Wilson, P Rabbitt & M Weber, J & I Browning, B May & S Hughes, D Marsh, J Shine, P Dadds & N Toohey, C & H Perrem and K & J McQuilty, B Lawrane, P Leath, K Milligan & L Blunt and M Simmonds, W Brantjes, D Yeomans & J McAntee. Pin Shots were received C Philp on 1/10, K Wilson received 2/11, B Freiberg received 3/12, A Hertweck & D Wall received 4/13, K McQuilty received both 5/14 & 6/15, S Bailey received 7/16, C Shannon & A Tomlinson received 8/17 and B Lawrance received 9/18. The pro pin on 4 is sponsored by Drummond Golf. The pro pin on 17 is sponsored by Sugarloaf Bakery and currently held by K Turner with 2.9 m. This week will be the K & S Bartholomew Memorial playing a stableford competition. Next week with be the Philp, Philp, Philp & Gnech trophy playing a stableford/monthly mug competition. This will also be the next round of the Bi Rite Challenge.

Sunday:  No Chookies results this week. Sunday we have a Social Club, followed by our Mixed Foursome Championships. No Social play will be available. Ring the club for any further details.