Golf Notes 22/7/19 – 28/7/19

Veterans:   Monday the Veterans had 34 players tee off playing a stableford competition. The winner was M Gray with 41 pts, runner up R Parnett with 39 pts. The ladies winner was J Sippel with 36 pts, runner up M Kuhnemann 32 pts. The rundown went to T Russell, J Shine & M Hassan 38 pts, D Bass 37 pts followed by G Hunt, N Hooke & D Mortimer 36 pts, K Kirgis & P Dadds 35 pts and M Sim and R Stinson 34 pts. The mens pin shots were received by R Stinson & T Lynch while M Kuhnemann received the ladies. The Encouragement Award was received by G Parker while the Members Draw jackpotted.  Tomorrow is the 1st round of the Championships.   Next week will the 2nd round of the Championships playing a stroke competition.

Ladies:   The ladies played a stableford competition for a trophy donated by Michelle from Boonah Flowers last week. Thankyou Michelle. Juleen Sippel broke a very long drought to win with a good score of 41 points. (Her nett score of 67 was the second best nett score in the ladies comp so far this year). Jan Baulch was runner up with 35 points. The rundown was Vicki Bird 33, Linda Hooke 30, Jo McAntee 26, Jan Edwards 26, Nikki Mulligan 22, Kris Cook 18. Kris won the Accurate Drive, Jo won the pin shot on 4/13 and Jan B managed to score a birdie to win the second shot on 8/17. The ladies are looking forward to their Open Day next week. They are expecting a good field of visitors who are coming to play golf – and to enjoy our delicious lunch!

Sporters:  Wednesday was sponsored by The Butcher Co playing a stroke 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15 competition. The winner was B May with 48 net, runner up M Gray ocb from J McGrath with 49 net. Pin shots were received by M Hassan on 4 and W Maudsley received both 8 & 9. W Maudsley also received by best gross for the day with 51 off the stick. The Dugandan Dice winner this week was A Stick. This week will be sponsored by G Searle playing a stableford 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6 competition. Next week will be sponsored by M Gray & K Kirgis playing a stroke 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15 competition.

Friendly Fridays:  Friendly Fridays had 21 players tee off playing a stroke front 9 competition, for Big Money Day. The winner was P Cooper with 30 net, runner up W Maudsley ocb from M Hassan with 32 pts. The rundown went to K Sawtell & N Hooke 32 net, W Martin, B Lawrance & C Perrem 33 net followed by A Gill, G Henderson & V Christensen 35 net and B May, J Handley & B Brown 36 net. The pin shots were received by M Hassabm W Martin & W Maudsley while H Perrem received by NAGA.

Saturday:  Saturday we played the Keith & Sheila Bartholomew Memorial playing a stableford competition. Thanks to the Bartholomew Family for your continued support. The winner was J Browning with 44 pts (this was a 68 off the stick for Jeff), runner up W Bird with 41 pts, followed by I Browning with 40 pts. The ladies winner was A Brown with 34 pts, runner up J McAntee with 32 pts. The ball rundown went to B Jacks, G Grimsey & M Simmonds 39 pts, B Philp 38 pts, W Brantjes, K Milligan, D Gittins, C Perrem & M O’Reilly 37 pts, followed by K Wilson, H Perrem, K Kirgis & M Weber 36 pts and C Wilson & W Maudsley 35 pts. Pin Shots were received B Gotke & J McAntee on 4/13, I Browning & A Brown received 8/17 and C Wilson received 9/18. The pro pin on 4 is sponsored by Drummond Golf and won by B Gotke. The pro pin on 17 is sponsored by Sugarloaf Bakery and won by I Browning. The Accurate Drive was won by R Brooks while J McAntee received by Long Drive. This week will be the Philp, Philp, Philp & Gnech trophy playing a stableford/monthly mug competition. Next week with be the K & L Forsyth Memorial playing a Stableford competition. This is a 12.30 shot gun start.

Sunday:  Sunday we played the Mixed Foursome Championships. The Champions for 2019 are J Browning & J McAntee with 122, runners up W Gnech & A Brown with 124. The net winners were I Browning & V Bird with 100 net, runners up B May & J Edwards with 105¼. No Chookies results this week. Sunday we have two Social Clubs using all the buggies No Social play will be available until 11.30. Ring the club to make a booking or for any further details.