Golf Notes 31/8/20 – 6/9/20


Monday the Veterans played a stableford competition. The winner was J Edwards with 38 pts ocb from runner up G Hunt. The ball run down went to G Sharpe & T Russell 37 pts, G Philp 36 pts, D Beazley, W Martin & B May35 pts followed by E Windolf & K Rhodes 34 pts and V Christensen & R Fitzgerald 32 pts.  B May had an Eagle on 7.  The Encouragement award went to L Rhodes while the membership draw jackpotted.  Next week will be a stableford competition.  Course will be closed Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday for course renovations.


Rockalicious donated the prize for last Wednesdays monthlhy medal and this was won by Kerry Cooper with a 73 net.  The runner up was Marg Kuhnemann with 75 net.  Other scores were Vicki Bird 76,  Jo McAantee 77, Jan Baulch 80, Kris Cook and  Nicki Mulligan 81,  Juleen Sippel and Anna Tomlinson 83,  Bernice Dover 88.  The putting went to Jo McAntee with 28 putts.  There are no pin shots because of coronavirus. Hit off time is now 8 am.

Events coming up are stablefords for Juleen Sippel and Jan Baulch trophies and 11th October which is a Sunday we are having a match play competition for newer players to experience match play.  We would like all players who have never experienced match play to join in.  Some ladies are playing. Thursday morning instead of Wednesday.                                                  Good Golfing everyone from Birdie.


Wednesday the Sporters sponsored was by Boonah Business Supplies playing a stableford 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15 competition.  The winner was T Alchin with 31 pts, runner up G Cooper with 29 pts.  The ball run went to A Gill 28 pts, G Searle & R Fitzgerald 25 pts and B Sampson, K Kirgis & K Rhodes 24 pts.  The draw for the pin shots went to W Hall, R Stinson & M Gray.   The Dugandan Dice winner was R Cuneo.  This week (Thursday) will be sponsored by Scenic Rim Landscaping Supplies playing a stroke 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6 competition.  Next week will J Handley playing a stableford 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15 competition.

Friendly Friday:

Friendly Fridays’ had 22 players tee off playing a stoke competition.  The winner was K Kirgis with 32 net, runner up K Milligan 33 net followed by S Bailey 34 net.  The run down went to B Davey 35 net & W Martin Snr 36 net.  The NAGA.was received by L Rhodes.


Saturday we played the Graham Maynard Memorial sponsored by Maureen & Greg Maynard, playing a stableford competition.  The winner was W Hall with 41 pts, runner up S Lutter 39 pts ocb from M Weber, followed by A Gill ocb from W Wieland ocb with 38 pts.  The Ladies winner was J Baulch with 36 pts, runner up E Meagher ocb from D Kuhnemann ocb.  The ball run down went to T Richardson, R Anderson & A Parker 38 pts, J Handley, D Mortimer, K Wilson, G Lutter & G Grimsey 37 pts, B King & K Milligan 36 pts followed by A Hertweck & V Bird 35 pts, and A Leary, S McKenzie, G Parker, R Stinson, W Hill, W Gnech & R Churchman 34 pts.  This week will be sponsored by Schweppes playing a stableford/monthly mug competition.  Next week will be sponsored by Puma Aratula playing a single stroke/monthly medal competition.


No Social Club playing this week as we are hosting the Pennants.  Social play will be available for 9 holes until 8am then again after 2.30.  Ring the club to book in, or for further details or as we have strict rules still in place for the Carona Virus.