Golf Notes 3/7/2017-9/7/2017


Wednesday was sponsored by Fassifern Pharmacy and the competition was a monthly medal and putts to be counted.  Anne Brown was the winner with  nett 74 and 28 putts.  Other scores were Ellen Maegher 75, Marg Kuhnemann 78, and Jan Baulch, Linda Edwards, Juleen Sippel, Linda Hooke, Lesley Rhodes, Kris Cook, Jill Pfingst and Meryl Tress made up the rest of the players.  Pin Shots were won by Jan Baulch on 4/13 and Ellen and Anne were equal distance on 8/17.  Semi final matches are due to be played for the Beryl Drady Match Play event between Ellen and Linda Edwards and Alison Leary and Anne Brown.  We thank our sponsor.  Today we play for Kris Cook’s trophy and the mixed foursomes is on Sunday 30th.  Good golfing girls.


Wednesday the Sporters was sponsored by the Maudsley Brothers at BP Boonah playing a stableford 1-9  + 10, 14 & 15 competition.   The winner was B Davey with 27 pts, runner up D Forsyth with 25 pts.  J McGrath received both pin shots on 4 & 8 while K Rhodes received 9.  The Dugandan Dice sponsored by the Dugandan Hotel was received by R Scells.  This week will be sponsored by J Dover (FIS Insurance Brokers) playing a 2 person ambrose 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6 competition.  Next week will be sponsored by The Butchers Co playing a stableford 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15.

Friendly Friday

No Friendly Friday due to the weather on Friday.


Saturday we played the Noel Dover Memorial sponsored by Dover & Sons.   The A Grade winner was W Maudsley with 38 pts, runner up was T Lynch with 33 pts ocb.  The B Grade winner & monthly mug was R Humphrey with 39 pts, runner up J Lynch with 37 pts.  C Grade winner was K Eugarde ocb from runner up T Britton with 36 pts.  The ladies winner was D Wall with 34 pts, runner up A Brown 33 pts.  The run down went to S O’Connell 36 pts, C Shannon 35 pts, followed by W Hall, J Yates, M O’Reilly 34 pts,   J McGrath, R Eacott & K Rhodes   33 pts and S Riley, L Vandenbrink,  B Brown & M Pattemore 32 pts.     Pin shots were on all holes and received by A Brown on 1/10, 2/11 was received by M Hassan, T Lynch received 3/12 while R Maudsley & K Turner received 4/13, W Maudsley received 5/14, 6/15 was received by R Humphrey, visitor M Pattemore received 7/16 while J Lynch & D Wall received 8/17 and C Perrem received 9/18.  The Pro Pin on 4 is sponsored by Drummond Golf and currently held by B Davey with 3.48m.  The Pro Pin on 17 is sponsored by Sugarloaf Bakery and currently held by P Francis with 3.78m.  The Money Pin was received by C Shannon.   This week will be the the Chappy Cup.  This is a 4 Ball Ambrose competition with pm shotgun start.   Next week sponsored by D Ryan & A Leary playing a stableford competition.  You will be divided up into the President or Captain teams.


We have a Social Club this week teeing off at 8 am.  Ring the club for further details.