Golf Notes

Wednesday, being the first Wednesday of the month was a medal competition and our sponsor is the day was Fassifern Pharmacy. The winner for the day was Di Kuhnemann with 73 net, runner up Jan Edwards with 74 net. They were followed by Ellen Meagher 74 net, Anne Brown & Kris Cook 75 net and Jo McAntee 76 net. Others that played were Vicki Bird, Jan Baulch, Juleen Sippel, Kaylene Turner, Meryl Tress and Lesley Rhodes. Meryl & Jan E won the pinshots. Jo McAntee won the putting. This Wednesday will be a stableford competition for Margaret Kuhnemanns’ Trophy. Good golfing and may all your putts drop in

Wednesday the Sporters was sponsored by J R Plant Hire playing a stableford 1- 9 + 10, 14 & 15 competition. The winner was W Hall with 27 pts, runner up K Rhodes with 25 pts. The rundown went to M Gray, G Lutter & J Gillett with 24 pts. Pinshots were received by J Potter on 4, 8 was received by W Hall while L Blunt received 9. This week will be sponsored E Newlove & M O’Reilly playing a stableford + putts, 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6 competition. Next week will be sponsored by G Parker & L Blunt playing a stroke 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15 competition.

Friendly Friday
We had 12 players tee off playing a stableford back 9 competition. The winner was R Eacott with 21 pts, runner up J Handley ocb from P Cooper with 18 pts. The pinshot was received by J Lynch while M Hassan received the NAGA.

Saturday we played the Managers Day, playing a stroke/monthly medal competition. The winner was K Sawtell with 65 net, runner up P Rabbitt with 66 net, followed by S Francis 67 net, M Weber & J Yates 68 net, W Hall & M Dickson 69 net and B King, A Bennett & R Southwell 70 net. The ball run down went G Parker 70 net, S Panitz, J McGrath, W Gnech, B Philp & A Stick 72 net followed by A Hertweck, G Lutter 73 net and J Browning, R Brooks, P McNiven & M Hassan 74 net. The ladies winner was A Brown with 73 net, runner up J Pfingst 74 net followed by K Turner 75 net. Pin Shots were received by T Alchin & D Kuhnemann on 4/13, K Turner received 8/17 while B Kingreceived 9/18. The Long Drives were received by P McNiven on 1/10, W Jackson received 2/11, T Alchin received 3/12 & 5/14. M Schubring received 6/15 while D Kuhnemann received the Ladies Accurate Drive. The pro pin on 4 is sponsored by Drummond Golf. The pro pin on 17 is sponsored by Sugarloaf Bakery and currently held by D Butler with 1.44m. The money pins was received by P McNiven & G Philp. This week will be the Fassifern Bushrangers Open Day with both am & pm shotgun starts. Next week will be the start of the Championships. Timesheets are out now.

The winner of the Chookies this week was L Pfeffer ocb from runner up C Cooper with 19 pts, followed by G Pfeffer 18pts. The pin shot was received by A Scott while J Gillett received the NAGA. No Social Club this week because of it being Mothers Day. Don’t forget to bring your Mum to celebrate at our Luncheon.