Golf Notes 23/4/2018 – 29/4/2018

Wednesday, being the first Wednesday of the month is medal competition and our sponsor is the day is Fassifern Pharmacy. We thank them for their support each year. There was no ladies competition on Anzac Day morning however we played a 9 hole competition after 1 o’clock, all in together with the members and Maureen Maynard won the ladies division with the good score of 20 stableford points. Next week we play for Margaret Kuhnemann’s trophy and the following week will be sponsored by the Aussie Hotel. The Beryl Drady Match play is into the semi finals. Kris Cook defeated Jan Baulch 3/2 and these matches are yet to be played. Jo McAntee v Anne Brown, Juleen Sippel v Margaret Kuhnemann, Meryl Tress v Di Kuhnemann. Good golfing and may all your putts drop in

No Sporters last week however we played a 9 hole stableford competition. The winner was C Perrem ocb from son Ben with 23 pts, followed by B Johnson with 22 pts. The Ladies winner was M Maynard with 20 pts, runner up ocb was E Meagher from D Kuhnemann with 18 pts. The rundown went to J Gillett 21 pts, W Gnech & K Rhodes 20 pts, D Forsyth, M Maudsley & R Brooks 19 pts, followed by I Browning & B Baker 18 pts and L Hooke, D Wall, C Wilson & M Hassan 17 pts. Pinshots were received by A Brown & M Maudsley on 4, 8 was received by M Kuhnemann & I Browning, Issac also received 9. This week is be sponsored by J R Plant Hire playing a stableford 1- 9 + 10, 14 & 15 competition. Next week will be sponsored by E Newlove & M O’Reilly playing a stableford + putts, 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6 competition.

Friendly Friday
We had 28 players tee off for Friendly Friday, playing a stroke competition for Big Money Day. The winner was R Brooks with 29 net, runner up B King ocb from L Hooke, B Hamilton & J Finney with 33 net. The ball continued with M Crowther & K Rhodes 34 net, K Reinholdsson, D May & J Handley 35 net followed by K Sawtell, M Hassan & J McAntee 36 net. The pinshots were received by T Alchin, A Bennett & B King while C McDonald received the NAGA. The best gross for the day was received by B King with 40 off the stick.

Saturday we played the Beasley Bash playing a stroke Anzac Day Cup competition. The winner was L Blunt with 68 net ocb from runner up D Gittins, next was J Browning ocb from G Gray & W Hall with 69 net, S Francis, K Sawtell & R Southwell 70 net followed by K Wilson ocb from P King & B Freiberg. The ball run down went T Richardson & G Philp 71 net, followed by G Miller, W Jackson, M Dickson, D Forsyth, R Fitzgerald, W Maudlsley & J Gillett 72 net. The ladies winner was M Kuhnemann with 67 net, runner up J McAntee 71 net followed by A Brown ocb with 72 net. The New Zealanders won 2581 to 2676. Pin Shots were received by B May on 1/10, D Ryan received 2/11, W Maudsley received 3/12, D Ryan & J McAntee received 4/13, B Freiberg received 5/14, W Gnech & G Miller received 6/15 with and Eagle, 7/16 was received by K Sawtell, K Wilson & D Wall received 8/17 while R Southwell received 9/18. The pro pin on 4 is sponsored by Drummond Golf and won by C St Clair with 1.77 m. The pro pin on 17 is sponsored by Sugarloaf Bakery and won by M Hassan with 2.6 m. The money pins was received by B Freiberg, P King & J Handley. The Long Drives were received by B May & J McAntee. The social winner was C Baltam with 76 net. This week will be the Managers Day playing a stroke/monthly medal competition. Next week will be the Fassifern Bushrangers Open Day with both am & pm shotgun starts. Timesheets are out now for the Championships as well.

Chookies this week bookings will be essential as we have 2 small social clubs. Ring the club for further details.